Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

What am I Thankful for this year?

1. A loving husband who stands by me and tries to understand even when I am a little off.....
2. 4 kids who may not always be good but they are mine and I love them all. They are each a miracle for our family.
3. A home
4. Food on my table
5. Friends that I can talk to when Kelly doesn't quite get it.
6. Family that I can count on, mine anyway and Kelly's sister Gloria.
7. God!
8. Izzak is healthy this year and even with his broken arm there is no sign of us spending another holiday season in the Hospital.
9. Izzak only has to spend 3 more weeks in the cast so he will be out of it by Christmas.
10. Joshua is healthy and hasn't broken anything.
11. Madison is healthy and other then her bladder issues she is doing great.
12. Kenzie is as sweet as ever and just told me this evening that she is getting moved up into a higher reading program, yah, we have been so worried abou ther having problems in school like Izzak has (she was showing some early signs).
13. Wonderful drs that help my kids feel better Dr Smucker our family dr, Dr Terry the GI dr, Dr Holland our opthamologist, and Dr Lashley our urologist, also my hem/onc Dr Menashe, my neuro Dr Sax and even Dr Buehler who did my elbow surgery recently, and we can't forget Dr Sullivan Kelly's Chiro who has been so instrumental in getting Kelly's back injury diagnosed and figured out by the regular medical community.
14. The fact we were all born in the USA which means we have a right to our own opinions and have the best care available to us!
15. I am sure there are many more I can think of but I am getting tired and should really get to bed!

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