Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

So since I didn't celebrate Halloween as a kid there are certain things I really get into and one is the pumpking carving. Of course the kids really enjoy it to they clean them out really well, with a little help of course and they choose what designs they want from a book. Once they found out that we could buy pumpkin carving designs they decided the plain ordinary pumpkins designs weren't as much fun. They then hand there pumpkins and designs over to mom to finish off for them, except Izzak of course he has gotten big enough to cut them himself with a bit of help from mom on the smaller portions. Of course I can't complain since I kind of like it myself but this year we kind of put it off till the last minute and mom ended up carving pumpkins till 1 am in the morning the day before Halloween!

Izzaks handiwork resulted in this with only a little help from mom. He did pretty good don't you think?

Joshua chose this ghost which has more details to it but is hard to see in this picture.

Miss McKenzie ever the princess of course
chose a princess pattern for her pumpkin.
Not the tradition Halloween type pattern
but definetly a Kenzie thing.

Then Of course there is my sweet Maddie she chose the kitty pattern but that seems to be her thing lately it looks a lot better when the light is right but I couldn't seem to get it to work at
night without either washing the background
out with the candles or looking like it was
daytime with the flash.

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