Sunday, October 08, 2006

Trauma at the Beach

Friday night we had no plans to begin with the boys (Kelly,Izzak and Joshua) all were going to the woods to go hunting for the weekend and to begin with the girls and I didn't have any plans and I was feeling a little down then my father in law called Kelly and said his boss had given him reservations to a campground in Manzanita at the beach for the weekend. Kelly said no because he had plans but around 7 I started thinking about it and thought it might be fun and a way to get out of town for the weekend. We stayed in a Yurt which I would say is kind of a cross between a tent and a cabin it has heat, a locking door, bunk beds and a futon inside so we didn't have to rough it to much and kind of used it more as a hotel then a camp site we still went out to eat and wandered around several of the towns nearby for some shopping.
We only had one bad experience when we were walking back from the beach to our campsite and had to climb over the sand dunes from the beach to the camp site and Kenzie had run ahead of us and I looked away for just one second then looked up and couldn't find her. I kept calling her (but she does have some hearing loss) and figured she had run up ahead and we would catch up with her on the trail when we got to the other side and she wasn't there I started to panic a little at first trying to call her and look around I ended up having to get the camp caretaker who started looking and getting other people to help and had to get the park rangers to help look for her also. It was terrifying to me as I had horrible thoughts running through my mind convinced she was going to be really lost and I would end up on the evening news as one of those poor parents searching for there kids. Fortunately within the hour she was found walking in the dunes another adult saw her crying (my poor baby) and was walking back on the right trail with her comming back to us. I was so happy to see her finally. Madison was with me the whole time and I can say having another child with you almost makes it even worse because all of your worst fears that you keep to yourself are spoken aloud by the other child she kept saying "she's probably gonna be dead" I couldn't get her to stop saying things like that and I was ready to lose it myself. Fortunatly she was completely fine and we found her I hugged her and cried with her a long time and we talked about how important it is for her to stay close to me and cuddle for a bit then we walked to the park on the campground and it was as if nothing happened for her she was back to playing hapilly like she should be. As for mom though, I would have to say I am still a bit traumatized by it all and didn't not let her far from my side for the rest of the weekend fortunatly she didn't want to go very far after that either.

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miraclebaby said...

I did get it from your site! The cold is no fun. I was hoping we'd go the first few months without getting sick:(

Melenie said...

Thank you for signing our guestbook and wishing my girl, Kennedy, a happy birthday! You're right, it is great to not be in the hospital this year-we couldn't ask for a better gift!

This was the first time I had been to your blog and I just love it. You have such beautiful children! I really enjoy reading the blogs of other moms and realizing that the crazy things that happen in my family happen to all of us :)