Monday, October 02, 2006

Izzak, school, not so good

So I said earlier on that the school year seemed to be starting off okay to most people I know well not many weeks into the school year that seems to be comming to a screaching halt! I don't know maybe I am just getting upset about it and it really isn't as big but from past experience I really doubt that. It started out with Izzak telling us a couple of weeks ago that he had detention, we thought well okay it happens it is middle school and he was talking in class so he needs to learn not to do that when he is supposed to be doing other work. Well then last week he tells us his teacher threatened to put him in in-school suspension so I ask him why he tells me he was talking in class again when he wasn't supposed to be so I start asking him what he was supposed to be doing in class which gets us started with him telling us what he is doing in that class. He was supposed to be coping notes himself from an overhead board. Um okay there is a problem there, he can't do that, it states so in his IEP the problem is the working memory disorder and the dyslexia and the dysgraphia combined makes that impossible for one he would have to be able to read what the teacher has written which he can't it is above his reading level and if he could get the words his memory doesn't last long enough to get it on paper! Then the problem would be if he managed to read the words and remember the words he can't spell them! Do you see the problem here? This is all adressed in his IEP once again. So then we start asking him more about the class as he is obviously having problems with the class and when he told us the teacher told him he doesn't pay attention and that is why he can't get things done we wanted to know more. Well he is given spelling tests which are the same as the rest of the class. Well problem once again that is supposed to be addressed in the IEP he is at a 3rd grade level barely so how is he supposed to get any words right in his IEP he is supposed to have a spelling list more appropriate for his level with less words since it takes him so much longer to write the words wrong let alone right....... More and more comes out on a daily basis as we talk to him about school that is upsetting us because they are all issues that are not being addressed correctly and if he were to be taught at his level he can understand his behavior would drastically improve. Once again he is getting stressed I don't want to keep reminding myself but it was school stress and anxiety that got him so messed up and in so much pain he landed in the hospital for a week and out of school for the month of December and yes he is already starting to complain of stomach pain and his behavior is getting worse, notably. It looks like we have to set up a meeting now already to meet together with all of his teacher including the counselor and ERC (special ed) teacher which not including us counts up to 8 to get these issued taken care of and find out why he is not getting the time he is supposed to be getting out of class for reading help and in class for the classes he needs which is what he is supposed to get. It is really frustrating hence the Welcome to Holland post prior to this. It is not just a poem for parents with children with severe handicaps and illnesses which including Izzaks very lengthy learning issues and the other kids health, etc issues I think I qualify. I am just really frustrated I don't remember my parents having such a difficult time when we were kids of course we have 4 and they had 2 but it just seems like things are always going wrong something is always comming up with the kids. I still need to write about Madison which I will be doing soon though she is my baby and I had high hopes she would physically be perfect which I beleive she is but she of course has plenty of problems of her own just like the others no definite reason that anyone can really give us why other then they know she has it........ Can I just say I wish we could go back to summer I can only handle one issue at a time either health or education and the education one is just so draining so often I don't know what to do for him anymore I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle most of the time and to many people who think they know more then me because they have degrees but they do not know my son or what I went through with him as a baby and toddler only to keep fighting as he goes in school............I guess I am just really tired.....There are so many things that I actually don't bring up here because I want this to be about my kids that I don't know where to get the energy for it all.

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Anne Druger said...

I understand you pain with the school not following your IEP. Some times I think unless you are on them every minute, they try to get around it. I have three kids, all with issues, like your kids. Good luck with the school. Sometimes it's best to rattle the tree from the top and let it trickle down.