Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Izzak again

 He is also having problems with his anxiety this time due to another student who is threatening him at school. He decided to tell us about it this week. Apparently this kid threatens to hit him and has hit and kicked him a couple of times and so far Izzak hasn't hit back surprisingly, it is frustrating. He says he tries to tell the teachers and all they say is okay so he doesn't feel like anyone there is willing to help him out. That is just not right. I know it gets harder in middle school and as they get older but with his problems he just doesn't need this! So I need to call the school apparently and speak to someone about talking to this kid or both boys as this kind of thing only makes his anxiety issues worse and we are having a lot of complaints from him about his tummy hurting and I really hate to see him like that.

I am going to try and get in touch with a peds pshychiatrist this week to get him in sometime to try and find ways of helping him cope a little better. I just think we need help to figure out how to help him with his stress or I am afraid at some point the pain in his stomach could really end up finding something physically wrong with him. Please pray that we are able to figure something out for him to feel better.

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