Saturday, October 21, 2006

I have another prayer request

So am making another post asking for prayer from friends who read this.
I just got a call today from my friend Kara. I have talked about her before and her son Conner comes over to our house frequently. Anyway when I talked to her today she was pretty upset as her house burned down yesterday. Fortunatly no one was inside but the house is a loss. She had needed to leave and left her laptop on not thinking anything of it as she has done this before. It overheated and and at first there was no flames but the house got really hot and melted everything and smoky causing smoke damage there weren't any flames really so no one noticed anything for a few hours till a neighbor notices there was smoking comming from the vents and called 911 not knowing if it was on fire because he didn't see any flames. When the fireman came and broke out the windows it causeda backdraft effect pretty much causing the upstairs of the house to blow up. If anyone has ever seen the movie backdraft that is when there is everything needed to cause a fire but not enough oxygen for the flames but gettting very hot and as soon as the place is filled with oxygen the fire is rapidly feeding off of it. The whole upstairs was a complete loss though what she says is weird is that the bottom of the house has no fire damage only smoke and smelling bad.
What makes it worse is that this is not there first house fire. About 4 years ago their house burned up also due to an electric problem in the gas fireplace that time the insurance company that made the fireplace and it had to pay for a lot of it.
She also had bladder cancer at 19 when she was pregnant with her daughter Acelyn. So obviously she is feeling a little frustrated right now things were just starting to go really well and now this.
Please pray for them they are really close friends of ours and have done a lot for us and I wish there was more we could do to help.

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