Friday, October 06, 2006


Okay I am a bad mom I have been writing in here for a few months and have talked specifically about all my kids except my Madison, my baby girl... She is special.... Madison is 5 soon to be 6 in December and time is going by way to quickly with makes me sad as she is my last baby, unless God has other plans....
Madisons full name is Madison Torrie Dunn she was named by her daddy after a lot of changes we couldn't decide for sure up till just before she was born daddy liked Madison to begin with and we tried several diferent middle names but none of them really worked to us then the name Torrie came to us short for victory no not Victoria. She was my 3rd cesarean baby and my pregnancy was okay some nausea and alot of aches and pains but what do you expect when you have been pregnant 4 times in 5 1/2 years? For some reason I was really nervous with her when we went to the hospital I wasn't sure why but something just didn't seem right and when they hooked me up to the monitors it didn't take long and they decided to move up the surgery time. They didn't say anything to me they just let me know they were able to get me in sooner and I was okay with that it wasn't until later that they said she was having a lot of spells where her heart rate would drop and they wanted her out! I went in for the cesarean with Kelly by my side and I could tell it was taking them a long time to get her out. My kids all seem to like to lay sideways, maybe because somehow they know they aren't comming out the normal way so why should they be headdown? They tried the vacuum to get her out and I could hear it popping off several times, then they tried the the forceps and finally where able to get her up far enough to figure out the problem, Her cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times! They got her loose and pulled her out and she was blue (according to Kelly) nobody said to much at the time. After Joshua they knew to not get me to excited as I went into shock with him so they wanted to prevent that. I didn't hear her cry and knew something was wrong and it took a minute to get her breathing fortunatly a lot of stimulation and bagging her was enough and she didn't need to be intubated or anything she was even brought right back to me once they new she was breathing fine! The point of this story is she truly is another one of my miracle babies if she hadn't been born that day by c-section she would not be here today..... They had done an ultrasound the day before so they could make sure she was ready to be born I had a amnio to check levels of a hormone that shows in it when the babies lungs were breathing and the day before the cord was not around her neck so it had happened overnight aparently. So the reason for her name in our minds became clear to us. Torrie short for Victory, victory over death, obviously God has plans for her in our minds! She did well after that was a great nurser hardly ever sick, we thought we finally had a baby that was perfectly healthy and not going to have any issues. That was the case until she turned 2 when suddenly her eyes started to cross, this was scary for me fortunatly it wasn't something as serious as a tumor or anything but she was cross eyed and had a lazy eye possibly something because she was deprived of oxygen as a newborn and we just didn't really notice it till then? Who knows but suddenly I was taking another baby to the drs all the time and I had a 2 yr old wearing bifocals (yes that is difficult, but surprisingly a lot of babies will keep them on when they realize they can see with them on!) The normal things didn't work and she kept getting worse the lazy eye got better with patching but the eyes kept crossing so she had to have surgery on her eyes. Her eye dr calls her one of his success stories as he says usually after a couple of years they will cross again and she is now almost 4 yrs past surgery and her eyes are perfect! She had an appt today so we know for sure and he checks her eyes every 6 months to make sure they stay that way. Once she got through that we thought we were doing good with her again till last year when she still wasn't potty trained, sure she went to the bathroom but she went all the time and was constantly having accidents even though for awhile she was dry all the time. So off the the urologist office did a bunch of tests and apparently she has a neurogenic bladder or over active bladder anyway she has to take Ditropan to help keep her bladder from having spasms that make her lose anything inside and wetting, she is doing a little better but she is almost 6 and has several accidents a week still. It is frustrating because to many people think she is doing on perpose, problem is they are not drs and the dr thinks she has something wrong so that is who I beleive since I see when she has accidents she is just as shocked that she is wet as anyone else is! Oh well I guess things could be worse but it does leave us with all these kids on a lot of meds.......
Other then that she is a great kid with a very funny personality. I took her to the eye drs office today first she was very curious this time about all the equipment and had to know how everything worked and why. When Dr Holland (who is the best eye dr by the way) came in she told him she had lost a tooth (her top front tooth by the way, I will post a pic of it but not right now) when he asked her if it hurt when she lost it her comment? "apparently not" how funny is that? Have you ever heard a 5 year old make a comment like that? He thought is was pretty cute. She is very smart probably to smart and I could go on and on about her but for now I am going to leave it at that. I will write more later.

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