Sunday, October 15, 2006

Possible resolution on the Izzak IEP front?

So I talked to the school for Izzak more specifically the ERC teacher (special ed) to find out what exactly they are doing/going to do for Izzak this year since so far nothing was being done. I was told that as of last week he would be pulled out of 2 classes, reading and language arts, which are his most difficult classes obviously and put in a special education classroom (maybe they have finally decided to do something?, hmm we will have to wait and see) also the ERC teacher was to speak to the teachers of his other classes and try to better explain his disabilities to them and what needs to be done/altered for him to be able to participate in their classes one being making copies of the overheads that they are supposed to be copying and giving him the copies so he is getting a copy and not having to try and copy it himself since he is not able to do that. Make sense to me but I was surprised that I was the one to bring this idea up and she had not thought of it! I mean if he has dyslexia how is he to be able to really read what is on the over head and then with his working memory disability how is he to be expected to copy what he can't read onto a piece of paper which gets to the next problem his disgraphia which means he has a writting disability (basically even if his mind knows what to do it doesn't know how to tell his hand to do it) Those 3 problems make that one activity pretty much impossible for him, hopefully giving him the copies will eliminate two of the issues and he will only be working with the dyslexia portion (which still is a major issue) but at least a little of the stress would be off of him. She is also supposed to explain to them that he needs more time and is not really able to do timed tests etc as like I said sometimes his brain doesn't know how to tell his hand to write things and it takes him a lot longer. Anyway I am pretty happy with the converstation mostly but a little aprehensive still and taking a wait and see approach to it since I know that these have been brought up before and so often it seems that "the plan" isn't always followed through as it should. I am still a little frustrated as it seems it has taken to long to get to this point in this school year as he has already gotten his first progress report for the year and he had mostly F's a couple of D's and an A in choir which is tells us he likes because there are a lot of girls in the class (thats my little man for you, he needs to stop growing up and liking girls!)
I should find out this week how all of the other kids are doing in school this week. They all have conferences on Wednesday to discuss how they are doing and you can be sure i will update on how they are doing as well. Thank you for reading and I will be back soon.
p.s. please remember to pray for Gage.

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