Tuesday, October 17, 2006

100 things about the Dunn family

I got the idea for this post from another website I visit:
1. Our names are Kelly, Terri, Izzak, Joshua, McKenzie, and Madison
2. Izzaks first name is Kelly but we call him Izzak because I thought it would be to confusing to have 3 Kellys in the family Kelly, his dad and Izzak to much!
3. Izzak is spelled the way it is because Kelly couldn't figure out how to spell it right and figured he would never remember the right way unless he spelled it himself.
4. Both of Joshua's names are after family members Joshua is Kelly's younger brothers name and Robert is my dads name and on my dads side of the family there is a Robert in every family. I do get the fact that I would not call Izzak by his first name because of the confusion but then named him after his uncle who has lived with us several times and does come around alot....strange huh....
5. Kelly came from a family with 4 kids 2 boys and 2 girls just like ours.
6. Even though Kelly figured Izzak's spelling would be easier for him. It took me over a year to really remember the correct spelling of my own sons name every time I filled it out, sometimes having to check to make sure it was right by looking at his social security card....
7. Izzak played hockey for 2 years and picked it up quick until they closed the skating rink at clackamas town center.
8. Joshua and McKenzie both are in Tae Kwon Do.
9. Maddie is not in anything yet we are still waiting to see what she has the attention span for.
10. In my family I am the baby, so is my dad and so is my mother.
11. Kelly is not he is number 2.
12. Kelly and I were married at the young age of 18, 2 months after we graduated from high school (no it was not because I was expecting Izzak, although I was).
13. Kelly and I met at our high school church youth group.
14. The first time I saw him I thought he was a jerk because he and his friends were duct taping a smaller kid up and taping him to the wall (no I am not sure where the leaders were).
15. Kelly broke up with his girlfriend that summer to go out with me.
16. My parents loved him from the start.
17. His parents didn't like me?
18. I am still afraid of the dark.
19. Kelly loves the dark?
20. I have a half brother and sister I have never met. And a half sister who I rarely get to see, and one full brother who I see almost every day.
21. Kelly's brother Joshua and his 2 daughters lived with us for 2 years when the kids were smaller putting us in a house with 3 adults and 6 kids ages at the beginning of 2, 3, 4, 4, 6, and 7. way to many high pitched little girl voices for me.
22. Kenzie is convinced she is a princess and tells people that is what she is going to be when she grows up also.
23. Mom is a poor sport and daddy refuses to play any games with me as he says I always cheat (I don't cheat, most of the time).
24. We have owned 23 cars since we have been married.
25. We have been married for 11 years.
26. Izzak is a poor sport also and can't stand to lose. so he doesn't play a lot of games.
27. Kelly owns a 78 international scout, it really needs work right now.
28. Kelly and the boys were in a bad accident 2 1/2 yrs ago in said scout, which is why it needs work/restored.
29. Kelly hurt his back seriously in the accident and only just recently had a deposition for the accident for the lawsuit against the person who hit him driving reclesly (I know I spelled that wrong).
30. We all want to move to Alaska some day.
31. Izzak was my only baby born naturally.
32. After Joshua I was only able to have c-sections so I have had 3!
33. Joshua is 2 yrs and 5 days older then Kenzie and Kenzie is 2 yrs 2 wks older then Maddie. Everyone calls them my stair steppers.
34. I liked having my kids in winter.
35. Obviously I wasn't paying attention to it being just before Christmas as Joshua and Kenzie are November babies and Maddie is a December baby.
36. Joshua was born prematurly at 33 weeks.
37. He spent 3 weeks in the NICU at Emanuel Childrens Hospital.
38. Izzak was born at 42 weeks.
39. He is the only one in our entire family not born in Portland, Or. He was born in Pheonix, Az.
40. When Kelly and I got married we moved the same day to Phoenix, Az.
41. We never had a honeymoon.
42. Kenzie and her cousin Kayla are only 9 days apart!
43. Kenzie is shy.
44. Izzak can be.
45. Joshua and Madison do not have a shy bone in their bodies and will talk to anyone who will listen.
46. Madison is in Kindergarten this year and her class already calls her the class clown.
47. In the 1st grade I got a call from the school because Joshua decided to spray pee all over the boys bathroom wall on a dare.
48. The janitor was not happy!
49. Madison has been playing jokes since she was a baby.
50. Kenzie split her lip when she was 15 mos and had 4 stitches. I had to take her and a 3 and 4 year old to the ER with me as I couldn't get hold of anyone.
51. Joshua broke his leg in 2 places above his left knee and below his when he was 6 mos falling down the stairs with Kellys dad.
52. Mom is now very paranoid of stairs and carrying babies.
53. Mom is just plain paranoid.
54. McKenzies favorite princesses are Belle and Sleeping beauty and she has dressed as one or the other for Halloween her entire life.
55. Madisons favorite princess in Cinderella because she wears blue and she has been Cinderella for Halloween every year except her first when she was Piglet.
56. Joshua's favorite movies are the Star Wars movies.
57. I think he has way to many star wars toys.
58. Izzak has always loved Scooby Doo.
59. But his favorite movie is The Dukes of Hazard.
60. When Izzak was in the Hospital last December we watched Dukes of Hazard over and over for 4 days.
61. I am a scrapbooker and Kelly thinks I spend way to much on it.
62. Kelly and Izzak have gone hunting for the last 5 years but have never shot anything.
63. Izzak is a better shot then Kelly.
64. We own 2 cats named Milo and Berney (both named by Kelly).
65. Izzak has a hamster named Harry Potter.
66. I love to take pictures of the kids.
67. Kelly went to school to be an auto and deisel mechanic, but he is now a heavy equipment mechanic working on hydraulics.
68. Kelly has been told he needs to quit his job due to his back injury, but can't since he really doens't know how to do anything else.
69. Izzak wants to grow up and join the army and has told us this since he was 4.
70. He also wants to be a heavy equipment mechanic.
71. Madison says she is never going to grow up because she is always going to be my baby (sweet :) )
72. Kenzie thinks kids are to noisy and don't listen and says she doesn't want kids when she grows up, and says princesses don't have kids they are to busy.
72. Kenzies favorite color is pink, because it is a princess color.
73. Madisons is blue.
74. The boys like camo and insist it is a color, but its not?
75. I used to bake everyones birthday cakes and cookies every week.
76. Now that I work I don't like to enter the kitchen.
77. Madison can count to 10 in spanish and several other words she has learned because she has been obsessed with Dora the Explorer since she was 2.
78. I think she has every singing Dora doll there is and so much more.
77. I work in the staffing dept for Providence Medical Groups and work between 25 clinics.
78. A doctors office is a bad place for me to work because I am to paranoid.
79. Madison refers to the boys as the brothers.
80. Kelly never lived anywhere other then Portland growing up and only in 2 different houses.
81. Pheonix was the only place other then Portland he lived and that was for school for 2 years.
82. I am a navy brat and lived in 5 states including Hawaii, Midway Island, California, Oregon and Arizona.
83. Kelly only went to 3 different schools one for elementry, one for middle school and one for High school.
84. I went to 11 different schools.
85. I became an aunt when I was 7 and my nephew will be 22 this year.
86. Kenzie and Izzak both have asthma and acid reflux.
87. Joshua is the only one of my kids who has never had surgery.
88. Joshua wears bifocals for crossed eyes but never seems to keep them on for pictures.
89. Madison wore bifocals for the same reason when she was 2 until she had eye suregery and her eye dr says she did so well he should use her as an advertisement for great results.
90. Between my kids we see a Family Dr, and opthalmologist, a peds urologist and a peds gastrointerologist.
91. Izzak is learning disabled and has very poor memory skills.
92. Joshua has ADHD and drives me insane.
93. McKenzie is adored by all of her teachers who say she is like another adult in the classroom.
94. I already commented on Maddie being the class clown. She drives her teacher nuts and I wonder what will hapen if she every has any teachers who had Kenzie first, They will be in for a surprise!
95. I did well in school.
96. I did all of Kelly's english homework our senior year and he ended up with a better grade from the same teacher!
97. I am running out of ideas.
98. Right now we own 3 vehicles.
99. Kelly has told Izzak the 78 scout will be his when he is old enough to drive and Izzak tells everyone it is already his.
100. Izzak wants to be just like his daddy someday even at 11 he says this.

Hopefully people found this interesting. It is really hard to think of 100 things about your family like this.

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Melenie said...


I just had to respond to your 100 things (great job, by the way!). I could not believe how many things we had in common! For instance, my husband also has a 1978 Scout! And it is also in need of repair and restoration...not because of an accident, but because of neglect. I mean, how many people do you know have a Scout or even know what it is? LOL We've also been married 11 years (on the 26th), had no honeymoon (couldn't afford it) and we met when we were 19. Kennedy has a girl cousin that is 4 months younger (not as close as 9 days, but close in age too). My kids were both c-sections and born in winter (October and December). Austin has asthma and acid reflux. Kennedy wants to be a princess (although she wants lots of babies). I LOVE scrapbooking and Keith thinks I spend way too much money, too! I wanted to give Austin the first name Keith but my husband thought it would be too confusing. There are several familiy members of his who go by their middle names because they share the same first name and he was worried about doing that so we named our son Austin Keith. Keith went to school to operate heavy equipment but now is a truck driver who delivers construction equipment! How funny! The Scout really through me for a loop!

I just love reading 100 things about people because it is all the little things that you never think to mention.

We do hope you can make it to the spaghetti feed. It would be wonderful to see you!

Thinking of you,

PS: thanks for posting about Gage. My heart just hurts for him and his family. It's even scarier than a relapse of the same cancer.

miraclebaby said...

Whoa! I didn't get through all of them, but very interesting the ones I did read.