Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More on Izzak

So I had to post this pic of Izzak on his 11th bday. why can't they always be this happy?

So I talked to Izzak more last night and he tells me the school isn't pulling him out of class for his reading he is being expected to read in a 6th grade class with large chapter books while barely at a 3rd grade level. Once again according to his IEP he is supposed to be out and in a class reading at his ability level how is he expected to jump from 3rd grade reading to 6th and be expected to have any idea what is going on. Also he is supposed to have in class assistance from a ERC teacher during his writting class that or be pulled out to work on assignments so he can write, the more I talk to him the more frustrated I get....... He is telling me last night he so far has 3 Fs and a D- in his classes he has an A- minus though in choir that is good, right? Oh I am not happy.......I am just waiting for the teacher, any teacher, to try to tell me he is not applying himself or he would do better..............
On a lighter note they have there first Dance/Social on 10/23 and guess who already has a date? He is only 11 how does that happen? Oh my......

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