Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Randomness.....

Gee I have really been bad about posting lately haven't I?

Seriously though there is a lot of things going on. Some good. Like the fact that Madison and I are going back to Portland in May for 4 weeks! Just the 2 of us. I am so excited and I know Maddie could totally use the mommy time being the youngest she really hasn't had a lot of time with just me. When we are alone together she really clings to me and just likes to talk and do stuff together so I'm sure we will have a lot of fun.

We have made a lot of plans for this trip so far. The main reason I am going is because my nephew is getting married! Makes me happy and sad....he can't be old enough to marry, can he? Anyway it started with that and we were just going to go for a week. Then I started calling friends to tell them I was coming down for a week and everyone wanted to do something or visit while I was there so it changed to 2 weeks. Then I started thinking that while we are there I should really get Madison in to see the 2 specialists she sees since she will really be due and they don't have peds specialists here in Ketchikan so finally Kelly said "why don't you just go down for a month?" You can bet I jumped on that! 4 weeks with just one kid! That will seem easy especially after last summer with all 4 by myself and working full time. I am sooo sooo excited right now. We already have our tickets bought and Madison has a calendar she is counting down the days until we get on the plane.

Joshua had another appointment with his pediatritian a couple of weeks ago and his doctor wanted me to fill out the forms again and have his teacher fill them out as well. It is one of the things they use to see if he may be ADHD. Well I went in with Joshua today and the doctor was looking at the scored forms and sayed "it looks like he probably has ADHD. I just kind of looked at him like....uh yeah. We did this stuff a long time ago with more then just the forms to get his original diagnosis. I'm not sure why he wanted to do the forms and then read them back like it was news to me...oh well. We are trying him on some new meds though and we'll see if that helps any. He is just so far off from his normal behavior lately and that is mostly in the last couple of months. I don't think it has anything to do with our move either he is making friends easily and enjoying his days. The weather lately has been decent we had about 4 good days of sunlight which was really nice and now we are back to rain. I am hoping we are done with the snow for now though till next year. I'll be a little more used to it then.

Madison got a haircut yesterday! She is so cute with it. I love her hair shorter. I will post a picture of that tomorrow when I get one taken. Yeah I know I didn't get one taken on the first day? How could I.

I had some pics I wanted to share. Blogger still isn't working for me but it's not the only one. I fight with the others I'm using also but they seem to eventually get them up unlike blogger that barely tries. I can't figure out if it has to do with our internet connection or what but it seriously is driving me nuts! I've considered changing to another but I really like the look of my blog right now and don't know if I would be able to work that into another site.

Anyway here are some pics I have for you.

Madison overlooking Ketchikan creek during Girl Scout thinking day.

Twirling a baton during gymnastics. They were doing routines on this day

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They were doing group routines and Madison was the littlest so they decided to do a little pyramid with her on top

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Puppies napping together. Aren't they cute? They are hugging.
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This is what our porch looked like when I was complaining about the snow. We kept shoveling it but gave up after awhile. All of this fell in one day and it was about halfway the height of the railings.

When we had lots of snow!

The puppies loved the snow though. Here is Kodiak playing in it.

For some reason the pictures won't resize to fit in here I may fix this tomorrow.

11 people had something to say:

ChrisB said...

How exciting to have a month's holiday to look forward to~ May will soon come round.

I love the little video and the puppies sleeping is so cute :)

Wendy said...

WOW!!! One month with one kid?????? Lucky you!!!! Have a great time!!

dawn said...

That is a lot of snow. We are suppose to get some snow tomorrow and the temperatures get colder again. I don't mind too much as we are skiing again on Friday. Funny how doctors do that, like they have some in on something no one else could figure out before them. Sounds like a great trip you will be going on.

frannie said...

that is so exciting about the trip!!!!

can't wait to see little Maddie's new do!!

Pamela said...

I wonder who will get the most lonesome... the girls or the guys?

Steffi said...

That is so exciting about the trip! great pictures again!

Kila said...

Have fun planning your trip! (Our nephew just moved to Portland--you could say hello to him for us, hehe.) The rest of the family will survive that long without you?! I hope the porch will be OK under all that snow. Would be a good threat for the kids. "If you don't stop that NOW, you're shoveling the porch for 30 minutes!"

Gerbil said...

we've had maybe an inch of snow all winter so far (and naturally it nearly shut DC down). I'd probably lose my mind in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

A month long trip!!!! That is AMAZING!!!! You're going to have such a great time together!

And those pictures... awesome! Loved that she got to be on the top of the pryamid - too cute!

And the puppies hugging? Took my breathe away!

Melanie said...

How very exciting about your month long trip! What a special time that will be for Madison.

I hope everything with Joshua gets figured out. It must be hard to have to go through everything again just because he is seeing a different doctor.

Cole Twins said...

How fun - a CHICK trip!