Friday, May 18, 2007

My Moms Day and picture overload!

So I will finally tell you and show you my mothers day this year! Aren't you so excited! I have just a few pictures to show you so it may take a bit!

First is Madisons gift she painted me a pictures of a bouquet of flowers and wrote happy mothers day on the back to cute! She also gave me a little tiny daisy plant that she painted the sides for me.

Joshua actually sewed me a bag for his gifts in his class. I don't know how his teacher did it but I can't imagine teaching 29 kids how to use a sewing machine...especially hyper little boys!

He did a really good job of it though and I love it! He even made a card with his picture in front showing me that he actually sewed it himself.

Here is the inside of his card he says I'm a super #1 mom!

McKenzie decorated a bag for me with a cute little shashay in it for to put somewhere to make things smell nice I thought it was pretty and loved the ladybug on the bag. She also made me this little flower card each petal says I love you Mom on it and inside she writes why she does.

After my friend got home from church we took her 3 kids and my 4 kids to a play land. They loved it and it was huge there was so many slides for them to go and things to climb they were busy for 2 hours straight before they started wearing down.

Joshua is ver good at pretending to be behind bars don't you think

Look at that face Kenzie has! She looks like she is having fun doesn't she!

What happens when you get 7 kids and a padded floor with sides? A wrestling match of course. They do look like they are having fun don't they? Izzak is on the bottom of this and Madison is in there somewhere.

And last Saturday Emma made my day when I got home to check my mail and found these cards she sent I don't know how she can say she isn't very good because I love them and think they are great! I don't know if I could give them away! I'm sure I would have to give them to special people and the friends one I've decided is my own from Emma.

So because I don't think I've shared enough pictures I will leave you with my favorite picture from Sunday at the playland.

I love this one and it is my wallpaper on my computer screen right now because I just can't get enough of seeing it!!
Doesn't Maddie lOok like she is having a great day?

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Beccy said...

I love the homemade gifts so much. I keep everything my children make me. Emma is very talented I love her cards.

HeiressChild said...

hi terri,

you had a very beautiful mother's day. children are the best. i still have some of the things my children made me when they were small.

no, DSL is working fine, and i'm still blogging; just haven't gotten back into it full swing yet because i had 455 emails to sort thru. i'm down to 46 now, so hopefully i can whittle those down by the end of the weekend.

i've been visiting different blogs throughout the week, leaving small comments, but hopefully next week, i'll return to blogging fulltime.

thanx for sharing your beautiful pics and gifts with us. have a great weekend!

alissa said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day you had!!! And what fantastic gifts from your kids! I love homemade crafts - can't wait till my kids are old enough!

I also received Emma's cards - she is hugely talented & so creative too!!

PortraitofPeter said...

Terri, your kids are soooo sweet - such wonderful home-made cards - all the more appealing too!!

Now come on be honest - did you - or did you not go down that slide!!!

I promise not to tell.......

Luv all the photo's.

Enjoy the weekend


Steffi said...

Terri,what are for wonderful pictures!!Your kids are sooooo sweet and so nice mother´s day selfmade gifts -that´s wonderful!

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Such fun, happy pictures!! And I love all the homemade gifts, too. What a blessed Mommy you are!! :-)

That Chick Over There said...

I love the pictures Terri! :)

Heather said...

woohoooo!! looks like a lot of fun... and I have to say that I'd be in there too.... and have definitely been one of those moms that climbs in those things too!! Why shouldn't mom's have fun too!??!! lol
great pics Terri

frannie said...

what a great Mother's Day! I'm glad it was so good even if Kelly wasn't there. I'm sure he missed you!

ChrisB said...

What lovely mother's day photos and you have lots of gifts and cards to treasure.

Debbie said...

What an awesome Mother's Day! And all of the gifts are wonderful.

The cards from Emma ARE lovely aren't they?

elena jane said...

handmade gifts are THE best!! and what a fun day, definitely looks like lots of laughing. and i'm glad you did go down the slide too :)
pretty cards!