Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do you collect anything?

This is my second post today so don't miss the first one!

I have a question. Does anyone else collect things? I would love to hear what other people collect and see pictures of your collections.

I have collected dolls of some kind since I was younger. First started with Cabbage Patch kids. I had 21 of them all in perfect condition until my kids came along.

I also collected Precious Moments figurines I have a lot of those and actually still collect them. My friend Hannah and I both collected them and it always made it easy for gift giving to each other. Since you can find them with meanings behind them. I bought them for her when she graduated from high school, got married and when both of her babies where born. She has done the same for me. It also gives people who buy me a gift an easy time since I don't buy them as much for myself anymore they can always find one I don't already have. I was surprised when I graduated and I got three different graduation figures and all were different!

So the reason I bring this up? My newest doll collection is a little different. A little more spendy also but oh so cute. They are the Ashton Drake So Truly Real Dolls I have 4 now although the girls think that 2 of them belong to them but they are collectable so they don't get to really play with them.

These 2 are the ones the girls consider theirs.

The one with the closed eyes is aWelcome home Emily doll and the one with the opened eyes is
Emily's Loving Eyes.

These 2 are my twins Sweet Dreams Matthew and Gentle Dreams Madison.

They are actually really life like and Kelly says they freak him out sometimes. They are made of silicone/vinyl so they are made of a very soft material. They are also weighted to about 5-6 pounds each. They wear 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing so as you can wear the kids old baby clothes. Which they are doing in these pictures. They don't come with the pacifiers but I get the stuff I need off of ebay and with a little "surgery" as the kids call it you put a magnet in the heads and cut the nipple off of a regular pacifier, put a magnet on that and they look like they take a real pacifier. Honestly though I just think they are cute and another extension of my collecting. The girls do get to take them out with us on shopping trips and its funny how many looks I get from people thinking it is terrible I would let my little girls carry around such a small baby! They think its funny and like to fool people with them.

Kelly just thinks its my way of pretending to have my own babies again. I just like the fact I have some use for some of my favorite clothes from when the kids were little. I am a huge pack rat and just can't bring myself to get rid of their sweet little baby clothes.

So do you collect anything?

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Emma in Canada said...

I guess I would say that my stamps and scrapbooking stuff is what I collect these days. I have so much of it! When I was a kid I used to collect badges and pins and, oddly enough, soap. I dragged an entire bag of it to England when I was 11 and made all my relatives look at them. I was a bit of an odd child.

Those dolls are lovely, my friend's mum collects them.

You say you're a pack are you dealing with that while getting ready to move?

PortraitofPeter said...

They are so life-like that got to agree with Kelly - it would freak me out too!!

You have an amazing story in your collection and delightful photo's too.

Got to agree "ebay" - I am surprised my laptop does not just start up on the ebay site immediately!!

Don't collect anything though - so that counts me out!!

Have a good day and pleased you are much improved too.

Steffi said...

The dolls are soooo cute!I love it and Kenzie and Maddie so sweet too!

I collect fabrics but I sew with them too.
And I like things of Mickey Mouse because I´m a fan of him.Now you can smile .
And I collect postcards with views of other countries.


Beccy said...

Some of those are so life like it's scary.

I use to collect thinbles and now Mollie has taken on my collection, what a good idea to post about them.

Beccy said...

I mean thimbles

Heather said...

Hi Terri
I don't collect anything. I kinda wish I was a collector of something, sometimes but no I've never gotten on to anything. Randal is the pack rat around here. Every once in awhile I go on a cleaning binge and go through his junk..I mean stuff and do a purge! I don't throw away anything that I think he would miss really.. or anything valuable...or from his family... just junky
He always get worried when my mom comes because whenever she's here we do one of those purges. I think it puts him into a state of panic and he starts going thru the garbage bags!! lol... anyway... I guess I shouldn't laugh, I hate it when he throws out my stuff. When our 3rd was about 2 he threw out all my baby clothes... I was SOO upset! he took them to the free store... but I hadn't gone through them yet to pull out something to keep for special memories.. or something for each of the girls to have when they grew up....can you tell it still bothers me!?!?!? But the worst part was... we had another baby a year later and had to start out fresh and get all new clothes! oops!oh.. well I'm learning to let it go! :o)
Sorry to ramble on and on... have a great day...
how many days til Kelly leaves? that's a good picture of him even though he's not so happy about having it taken...
by the way.... our gas/diesel is really expensive too. I heard your gas went up to something like $4/gal..? Ours is $1.12.9/litre and in some places it's $1.25/litre!! Insane!!! there are about 4 litres per your gallon. Diesel is about .20/gallon cheaper than gas. Terrible prices... I don't envy you guys having to fork out all that gas money.... But you should be able to claim on income tax as a moving expense write off!! anyway... I'm going to go now so that I quit rambling in your comment section!!!

Steffi said...

Thank you Terri,for your good wishes to my sister and her little son!They are fine.Her son was unfortunately too early (7.month)but now he must stay still in the hospital to be stronger weight.

Have a nice weekend!

Wendy said...

Those dolls are so neat. I met a mother and her daughter who were at childrens place shopping FOR THE DOLL!!! My parents started a spoon collection for me as a kid. We got one from every place we visited. I have continued with it, but don't display them anywhere. OTher than that, no collecting.

my4kids said...

I love hearing about what other people collect.
Wendy~with 4 kids I have so many clothes that fit the dolls I would never have any desire to buy them any clothes. Besides I like putting them in the kids old baby clothes better anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment for my son's B-Day!!

Your daughters are so cute, and those dolls really are life like. At first I thought you had twin newborns!! Your kids are about the same age as my first four. You have a fun blog and I'll be back to read more!! :-)

Have a great weekend!!

That Chick Over There said...

Just funny stories! :)

frannie said...

I always get on some kick and wind up collecting things. I used to do precious moments, but they are all put away now. they are all from my ex boyfriend about love and stuff. they just don't mean anything to me anymore, but I don't want to throw them away. so they are in my parents attic.

jennifer said...

I thank you for stopping by my blog. Wow the babies look so real!

BTW I read about your kids in your profile...My second son has some issues similar to yours and my fourth was born at 30 weeks! wow! Well I will be back to visit and feel free to come back to mine. I home school, and have a home school blog that has more family stuff(

la bellina mammina said...

do shoes and hangbags count? I love all of them, even if I don't wear most of the shoes - they've become pretty sentimental. I also love collecting matchboxes from all over the world - it's from when I used to travel with my late husband 15 years ago..

Anonymous said...

Great post Terri. First of all, I love the dolls, they are so life like! I had the urge to buy one for myself. lol

As for collections, I don't have any at this point, but I would love to collect coins, you know silver and gold ones. Sometimes I watch those infomercials and I am really inspired by them, but so far I have not acted on that inspiration.

As your last commenter said, she collects shoes and handbags. If I had one of those big walk in closets where I would really have the space to place them, I would so have a collection of both of them, but since my closet space is limited, I steer clear of an excess of either.

ChrisB said...

I can't believe how life like some of those dolls are.
I remember having a huge collection of beer mats but I gave them away. For a while I collected porcelain figureines but stopped when I ran out of space to display, I've probably got about 34.

elena jane said...

those dolls are adorable! i just got an ad in the mail for one today, i've got another AD doll on order, emmy :)

i used to collect bride dolls, i have a few franklin mint ones, a few barbies, but i have nowhere to display them so i stopped buying them.

Debbie said...

Love those dolls. Verrrry cute.

I don't collect anything...except dust bunnies!

Precious Moments are adorable.

Susie PSU said...

What cool-o dolls!

nailgirl24 said...

Cd's dvd's and shoes.

Laura said...

Your kids are adorable!!