Thursday, May 03, 2007


So I am feeling a little better with the cold thing but still have a nagging cough and today a big headache that is a little irritating.

Kelly has been good though since he is home he working on stuff around the house. He has actually gotten a lot of laundry done and helped clean the house which it was in dire need of! Seriously!

Only a week from today he will be leaving!

Doesn't he look happy to have his picture taken??? Yeah not so much he doesn't like to have his picture taken much...

So he has done a lot being home! I'm most happy since he fixed my Durango

See him working on it!

I love watching my man doing his work....he hates it when I take his picture though

Does Izzak look like he is being much help??

I made him go to the eye dr and his regular dr on Tuesday though before he goes just to make sure he is okay. His regular dr appt went well his bp is a little up but he is on meds for that and I think it is mostly due to stress right now. Although he has had mildly high blood pressure for awhile. His eyes are great. He uses glasses when driving for distance but doesn't have to wear them much. Also was good because this is the same eye dr Madison and Joshua see. Madison had eye surgery at 2 and he sees her every 6 month like clockwork so we let him know we would be moving and he made sure to tell us who we are to see for her when we get to Alaska. Madison is his favorite patient so he is a bit protective to make sure she see's the right person so it wasn't one of those this is one who works up there it was this is who she has to see, okay! haha I love that dr though. Another one I am afraid to lose when we move. Kelly did get new glasses and we took Joshua's in to get fixed so he has no excuse to not wear them.

See I honestly think he looks cute with his glasses on but he doesn't like to. How do you explain to the 10 year old that either he wear his glasses that actually look good on him or when he gets older his eyes will continue to cross worse? I can't figure out to get it into him that if he doesn't wear them he will regret it someday when he is older and his eyes cross.

In case you are wondering about his shirt? The rest of it says "this is what trouble looks like" it fits perfectly....

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Wendy said...

Well, I think he looks great in glasses. Tell him how handsome he is!!Your Kelly definitly doesn't want that pic taken! He is not happy about it. Wish my hubby could do more than chage the oil in the car. That is about it! Well, I guess he can change a tire. Anyways, nice to have a handy one around!! Glad you are feeling a alittle better- hope it continues in that direction!

PortraitofPeter said...

Got to agree with Wendy, Joshua looks great in his new glasses - they suit him so well.

Must admit I am like Kelly, I hate my photo been taken and will do everything to avoid - so Kelly, has my sympathy ("told to sit still and smile").

So that's your wee vehicle - well I am impressed and how wonderful to see Kelly hard at work making sure it will be okay for you all.

Izzak - has the right idea - a nap - is important in the day!!

Wonderful posting and thank you so much for your very kind comments - always greatly appreciated.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

You all have so much fun, I really like visiting here.

Not too keen on having my picture taken either.


frannie said...

I love his glasses!

Anonymous said...

I ditto what the others have said. Joshua is a cutie with the glasses. I don't know how to get him to really wear them. At his age, the effects of "long term consequences" haven't made it to his little world yet, so he has no idea just how much he may live in regret one day when he is older. I hope he figures it out soon enough.

PortraitofPeter said...

Hope you are feeling much better now and your headache has cleared up.

I am feeling top form - now!!! Just what I needed a few days to recuperate - always beneficial.

Enjoy the weekend and hope the sun is shining where you live.

PortraitofPeter said...

Hope Joshua is still wearing his new glasses?

He does really suit them!!

In fact I will be going to the opticians next week to pick up a new pair too!!

ChrisB said...

He looks good in the glasses; great t-shirt

Debbie said...

I hope that cough goes soon. That is the worst thing about having a cold is the darn cough.

Joshua looks great in those glasses.

It is a challenge though getting kids to see something that will benefit them in the future. I remember wearing a retainer when I was a kid. I was always taking that thing off and losing it. Mom got so frustrated with me. In the end I had to wear it a good 6 months longer than I should have. Looking back I don't know if anything would have convinced or motivated me to wear. I just didn't look that far ahead. All I knew was that I didn't like wearing it!

nailgirl24 said...

I hat having my picture taken too.