Friday, March 28, 2008

Yep still busy!

So yes I am still very busy and unlike last week I have 6 kids right now instead of 5. There just hasn't been much time to write here or even really to check out blogs. The kids are all very busy and driving me totally insane at the moment!

I picked up the 6th child on Friday awhile after my last post. We have 3 boys and 3 girls in the house. Except that Kenzie has decided she has had enough of having extra kids around and has been spending most of her time with her friend instead.

I thought I would share with you what we did last weekend for our Easter fun!

On Saturday we went to the "mall" (I quote it because they call it a mall but really it only has a few stores....sad really). They were doing an easter egg hunt there and some other activities. The hid eggs in shredded paper and the kids liked looking in it for the eggs.....

Host unlimited photos at for FREE! problem was that it let up a lot of dust and probably wasn't the best idea for the kids lungs.....the picture below isn't as fuzzy as it looks but a lot of paper dust.

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The kids liked it though.

After that we went to my friends house (Kenzies friend also) who has a big enough table for a lot of kids to dye eggs at. Another friend of Kenzies and her friend came over as well so we had 8 kids dying eggs! Five 9 year olds!

We split up the eggs to about 7 eggs a piece and that seemed plenty for the kids to keep them busy.

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One of the things we had for dying them were there dye sticks so alot of the kids did dots on their eggs. I'll show you what Kenzie did that was a little different a few pictures down.

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Here are Izzaks eggs. One of the other things we had for dying the eggs was a kit for what they called camouflage. Really you put oil in the dye mix then stir it with a spoon quickly just before putting in the eggs. It left a pretty cool design.
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Here are Joshuas eggs. He did all the camouflage eggs and figured out first how to die them in regular dye first then do the camo dye so you can have multiple colors.

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Here are Kenzies eggs. See how she did a little different take on using the dye sticks? Instead of just dots she made flowers and wrote her name.
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And lastly Maddies eggs. She did a little bit of everything.
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On Sunday after church we went to Ward Lake, which I've shown lots of pictures of before, and did another egg hunt. The hunt here was a lot more fun since it was actually in the woods and along the trails around the lake. I didn't get any pictures of them actually looking for eggs though because they were moving along so quickly I was having a hard time keeping up myself.

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It was a beautiful day though. The sun popped out and you could feel the heat from it which helped the fact that it was actually pretty cold out. We haven't had a lot of nice days like this so it was really nice to get 0n a day when we were all out in it. Especially since it has snowed every day since then! Where is Spring??????

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The eggs where scattered all over the grounds near the lake and of course Joshua had to jump into the lake to get an egg he saw down there. Here in the picture he, his friend Connor (our other guest) and Uncle Josh are trying to help him take of his rain boots that are filled with water! It was pretty funny.

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I didn't really get any pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes since it was cold but I have been told that the girls at least have had pictures taken at church so I can show you how they looked then if I don't get them dressed up again and have pictures taken. I'm really thinking of that since we haven't done a proffesional group shot in ages.

Here is a group pic of all my kids plus Kenzies friend.

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Just the girls

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Just the boys.

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Just mine

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That was out Easter weekend anyway. I will post more soon since the extra kids leave on Sunday I will have more time but I might actually get a post up tomorrow with some other pictures but I figured I kind of did a little picture overload here today! The kids have had multiple activities pretty much everyday with my 2 in homeschool so as long as we are at those they are easily entertained. It's those times when we are not doing one of those that the kids are driving me nuts. They are just very busy!

12 people had something to say:

Beckie said...

It looks like you guys are making some great memories up there!

I don't know where spring is - it sure isn't down here. It hailed today - that is just wrong.

We didn't make a single egg hunt this year - I'm not sure what happened with that.

Heather K said...

Hi Terri!
It looks like you've had a very fun, very buuuusssy weekend! Great pictures...
we've had a busy last few weeks too. My 13 yr old niece has been here for about three and a half weeks. Another niece(13) and nephew(14) have been here for the last 3 days and are heading home tomorrow. It has been alot of fun and we too have been quite busy..2 easter egg hunts and lots of other activities, including shopping at the big mall in the next city!! Exciting stuff! Not that I really enjoy shopping, but I forced myself and actually did enjoy it! Did I tell you that I DID get the camera finally?! I'm hoping to get some good pics to post on my blog now...well take care..

Pamela said...

you had an easter egg dying AND hunting marathon.

Why do kids not feel the cold... boot full of water! I'd be shaking and shivering. Whew.

ChrisB said...

That looks like a heap of fun for the children but hard work for the parents. You got some great photos and we egg painting looks extremely well organised. I still have eggs that Beccy, Sam and a French exchange student did back in 1981!

Cole Twins said...

Hey, Just wanted to let you know that your bracelets went out last Friday.

Thanks again!

Kila said...

Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!

Did they eat all the eggs yet?

Steffi said...

That´s are nice pictures again,Terri!The colourful eggs are really beautiful!
Thanks for sharing !I enjoyed it!

dawn said...

Looks like a great weekend. We haven't had our kids photos done professionally in ages either. We were working on it before Christmas and it didn't come together and now it is already April and my family keeps nagging me for new photos and and I just want to tell them to get off my back and take some photos of them if they want them. I know, bad attitude. Just one more thing to get done.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are busy. Lotsa kids! Tiring but fun, too, I imagine. Right???? :) For the kids anyway.

Anonymous said...

You're photos make me miss Alaska so much!!! (And I was only there for a week!!)

"J" said...

Those are some GREAT looing eggs!!!! =)

Happy "LATE" Easter!!!!

Anonymous said...

What (6) kids!!! I disappear for a short while - and (2) additions to your family...

Looks like a gerat Easter you had - and the joy of painting the eggs - brought back many a memory for me...

Had to laugh at your Joshua's antics - such is the action kid...

Great photo's and the scenery looks beautiful - hopefully at long last the spring is here and more outdoor pursuits.

Keep posting... and best wishes to all the family.