Sunday, March 16, 2008

Visitor from Portland and snow....

Fun Monday post below this one.....

Yesterday was a busy day! First we had Joshuas baseball tryouts, I'll post about that another day. That was early in the morning till 11. At 12 I had to take the girls to sell girl scout cookies at one of the local grocery stores till 1. Then at 3 by brother in law Josh and I crossed the ferry to the airport to pick up his daughter Kayla for a visit with us for a few weeks.

Here is here plane coming in. It's a little funny because I had to take the picture through glass of course.

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Here she is running to her dad, they haven't seen each other since September when he came up here.

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That big first hug after 6 months!

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Crossing the ferry back to Revilla Island (Ketchikan).

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We stayed up kind of late last night. Yesterday was a very nice day for around here so far got up to 50 degrees. I know not really really warm but hey....

We did a barbeque for dinner and watched some movies and everyone went to bed.

This is what we woke up to this morning!

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It had just started snowing this morning (has been all day now). Not quite the kind of warm temps we had yesterday when I was thinking that spring was finally coming.

The kids went outside and played with the puppies for a bit. Kodiak loves to have us kick snow in the air and she tries to catch it. Look at her jump! She definetly has the Blue Heeler in her. She is so much like her momma who does the same thing. Kiska loves the snow but doesn't jump up at it like this.

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Here is the kids all together playing now in the snow themselves.

This was what it looked like at first when they cooperated.

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About 5 seconds later they looked like this!

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Then they started working on their snowman (Thomas) they haven't finished him yet because they made the balls so big they can't figure out how to get them on top of each other.

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These were all taken this morning when it had just started to snow so we have much more coming down now. It is supposed to be in the 20's tomorrow as well so we will probably be in the snow for a few days at least.

I was so happy to finally be able to drive the car up and down the hill but now I have to get Kelly to get it down for me (I'm a chicken). Looks like the 5 kids and I will be walking up and down for a couple of days.

Next week I will be heading back to the airport to pick up another kid! My friend Kara is sending her son up here for spring break. I'm going to go insane with 6 kids all day, 3 nine year olds!

Fun Monday post below this....

16 people had something to say:

dawn said...

I came over half an hour ago and had to go do something, so came back. As you saw, we have more snow also. Today was fairly cold in the morning, but it got sunny and is melting a little. This week is suppose to be above freezing so I am sure the snow will start to deplete again. Looks like a nice reunion and great she will be staying awhile. Six kids will be fun, for a little while anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I so love when you post photos!!!!

And since you seem to be so fond of taking in so many visitors, can I come too?! (BTW, gotta tell you... very very brave - SIX kids! WHOA!)

Melanie said...

Wow- what a busy day! I love the picture of Kayla running to her dad- perfect how you were able to capture her expression!!

Six kids? Three of them 9 years old? Wow- you are very brave!! Either that or crazy ;)

Kila said...

Great photos.

It's cooling down here again, too, with new snow on the way.

Jocelyn said...

Six kids all day sounds like a recipe for The Crazies! Good luck, honey.

Wow, you've been up to 50? I'm envious!

ChrisB said...

Great photos. The children look like they are having great fun. What a lovely reunion between Kayla and her dad~ I bet they have missed each other so much!

Steffi said...

Great pictures,Terri!I am sure the children had much fun together!
Have a nice week!

frannie said...

what a great visit... I don't envy you with all those kids!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

A snowman named Thomas?


Sure looks like a lot of fun.


Emma in Canada said...

Lucky kids getting to go to another state! That's the nice thing about having friends and realtives in different places...chances to visit places you may not have gone otherwise. Still, 6 kids...yikes! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a snow paradise - is what I see and of course one is envious too.

We have had the odd sprinkle of snow - on the hills and perhaps more is to follow.

Always luv seeing the photo's and I see your spring break consists of a tribe of kids - all waiting for you to entertain - enjoy....

elena jane said...

hope you're enjoying your visitors...and the rest of spring (snow?) break :)
hopefully they entertain one another!! haha ;)

Debbie said...

Yup, we've been getting some spring snow as well. Wet wet wet.
Here's to summer!

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie said...

Darn that duplicate comment! ;)