Friday, March 21, 2008

Too busy

Okay so having so many kids around is driving me nuts! We had 5 all this week since my 4 were all home (Joshua and Kenzie are on spring break). We've done a lot though. We took the cousin into town a couple of times and visited near the docks. Got a picture of the girls standing in front of the water.
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Of course they didn't stand that way long and were quickly running.

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I've been taking all 5 of them to gymnastics this week. They've all loved that. Here are my girls and Joshua.

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Kenzie practicing on the balance beam.

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Joshua practicing on the spring board. That boy can really get some hight! This was just one jump but he got much higher.

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Thursdays the homeschooling kids have a science class at the discovery center. This week were learning about plants and trees. Here is Madison looking very interested.

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All the younger kids looking at their wood stump samples learning how to tell how old a tree is.

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On Friday we go on a hike through the woods and learn about the local trees in the area. One of the things they were doing was learning about taking core samples of the tree to see how old it is without cutting it down. The forestry service is the one teaching this class so they were showing them all the equipment they use.

Here they are using the core tool with the forestery person.

In the photo below she is showing them the core sample.

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I just like this picture...

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They were also showing them how they estimate the size of a tree here. Izzak was the tallest so he got to climb into the tree.
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It's been cold all week and snowing off and on but the snow isn't really sticking for to long. It lasts about a day then goes and then we get it again the next day. I sure am ready for spring right now.

15 people had something to say:

dawn said...

Looks like a lot of learning going on. I am sure they will remember their time with you and the great experiences they have had. How wonderful you are keeping so busy and creating such great memories.

Rachel said...

sounds like you have a busy life, I know what that is like, I have 3 other sisters and 2 brothers!

check out my blog, I am having a contest...

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing and can imagine quite exhausting week - you all had.

Luv the photo's too - if only one could be transported to childhood days of outdoor pursuits too.

Have a Happy Easter and may an Easter Egg - be in place - this day - especially for you to indulge at your leisure.

elena jane said...

love the pics (well, i love ALL your pics) learning too! :)

Gerbil said...

Seriously? That looks like a blast.

Melanie said...

Wow- you have been busy! I enjoyed all of the pictures.

Karmyn R said...

Busy but fun! I bet you sleep soundly at night.

Debbie said...

That looks so cool! What big beautiful trees.

frannie said...

the pictures are great. I love the one of Maddie looking interested!

Janice said...

You have been busy! The kids looked like they really enjoyed their Spring Break. I've been taking Ava to gymnastics and she's enjoying that as well. The forestry class looked fun!

Amy W said...

Wow, you are busy!!

Kila said...

Looks like fun!

The snow doesn't last too long around here anymore, either. Yay, spring is coming!

Emma in Canada said...

You've kept them busy. I think you won the battle.

You say 5 kids though, what happened to the friend that was coming up?

Steffi said...

You are so busy , Terri!Your pictures are all beautiful.Sweet kids and fantastic nature!

Anonymous said...

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