Monday, March 10, 2008

Did you know.....

that it is so much easier to do your schoolwork when upside down?
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Just ask Madison.

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I know the picture is kind of fuzzy but I'm still learning....
please ignore the messy floor she feels the need to spread everything around her while working..

Also my couch? Apparently it is very good for practicing standing on your head.

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Standing on heads and rolling apparently....
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Seriously I don't normally let them play on the furniture like that but we were having one of those days that the kids were kind of getting away with things because I was enjoying watching them have some fun.

I really need to get the curtains up, don't I? Honestly though when the sun is out we get awesome light from there so I haven't really worried about it yet. Also? We live in the middle of nowhere on an island so really it's not like we have to worry about nosy neighbors looking in our windows.

Oh and guess what I bought for myself today? Raingear! I didn't think it was something I'd really get into but seriously we live in a rainforest people! The homeschooled kids are in a science class this month 2 days a week at the Discovery Center which they are loving but on Fridays we do a hike and last Friday it was pouring! Jeans and tons of rain are not a good match when you are trying to hike and keep your pants up at the same time!But the hike is worth it for scenes like this...

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and this

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and one of my favorite things about living here?

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I love Eagles!!

17 people had something to say:

Melenie said...

Too cute! One of things I love (One of many :) about homeschooling is a child's ability to move and lay, sit or stand in the way they fill most comfortable working. Sometimes we just all hang out on my bed while we do science or history or whatever...sometimes we go outside. I just love it!

Can't wait to see you when you are in town! Madison will just love our baby horses. They are getting really friendly now. I pray for good would be fun to get her out riding. Hopefully this time (if you want to ride again) your saddle will stay on the back of the horse :)

Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read your caption of the fun photo's.

I can get on the floor (to study) - its the getting back up again which is the problem.

One must have curtains - on display - if only to hide the blushes of the bears :)

Keep enjoying your new camera - its great fun - viewing.

Janice said...

Yay for the new camera!!!!!! Your photos are beautiful! I love the forest pictures and Eagle pictures! That's so amazing you get to see that everyday!

Gerbil said...

To quote the Far Side... Birds of Prey Know They're Cool.

There's just something about couches that seem to inspire acrobatics. Jacob thinks so anyway. I dare not show him the pics of the headstands, he might try it.

Karmyn R said...

Love the Eagles. So majestic.

Hey - I can remember doing that EXACT same thing at their age on the couch - doing handstands and rolling off. So much fun.

ChrisB said...

Those photos remind me of ben, and mollie when she was younger!

The eagles are beautiful!

frannie said...

the eagles are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Amy W said...

I wish I could do my work upside down!!

Anonymous said...

I luv the eagle photo's - every time I view - I think of the Abba song - Eagle.

The freedom to fly anywhere.

Thanks for all your comments - really do appreciate.

thefoodsnob said...

Pictures of kids fooling around like that are always adorable!
The eagles remind me of that Far Side cartoon: Birds of prey are cool.


Kila said...

What beautiful views! You're tempting me to come visit!

How nice to have all those big windows! I would need curtains up at night, or I'd feel like I was being watched, LOL, by animals if not people.

Your carpet looks quite similar to mine.

Pamela said...

maybe BIGFOOT would look in your window. hee hee.

I saw 13 eagles last weekend. My camera battery went dead -- so much for a picture.

"J" said...

I love eagles too! You took some really good pics!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you post pictures!!!!!

dawn said...

Great photos. Sometimes it is fun to let the kids just enjoy what they are doing and be a little flexible with the rules.

elena jane said...

love the eagles....
and that's the great thing about homeschooling, you can do it upside down or in your pj's :)

Debbie said...

I am kind of - very - envious. Those eagles are so gorgeous! And the rain forest. Breathtaking.

Love the shots of the kids "flipping" out on the couch. :)