Friday, June 22, 2007

An evening with Emily and Simon!

I've mentioned my friend Hannah before back in this post when asked about my greatest supporters and I chose to name a couple of close friends. Really I don't talk on the blog about her to much just because like I said then. I don't share well....honestly I don't. I'm the type of person who in person has a few very close friends but usually spend time with only one maybe 2 at a time because I don't want to compete with someone else when talking. Hannah is very used to this. We have been friends since I was 13 and she was 10. I know seems like a stretch for that age group but it worked for us. I wanted a friend and sister and she had 3 brothers and was the same way. We were pretty much inseperable till I started dating Kelly. She was my maid of honor when we got married and her entire family took part in our wedding including her dad who is a minister married us. That meant a lot to me! Back then I thought of her brothers as brothers also and we all acted that way pretty much. Becci over at miraclebabyb is married to her oldest brother now and honestly I couldn't be happier for him. I like Becci alot and think she is a great person for him!

Anyway so the point of this post kinda got lost since I was writing about going over to Hannahs with the kids on Thursday evening after work. We mostly had gone to pick something up from her but it was a nice day and Hannahs kids were in good moods even though it was starting to get late.

Wait that isn't where I was originally going with this either ......

I love to take my kids over to play with Hannah's. Her kids are 2 and 1 and my kids absolutly adore them! I do to actually I should say. After all they are Hannah's kids, I feel like they are my own niece and nephew since I haven't had a real close relationship with my sisters kids, not because I didn't want it. I fought hard to be able to have a relationship with them and my sister for years until my own kids came along and I didn't want them to get hurt like I had.....long story. I know them a little more now but Hannah's kids still feel more like family. Kelly also has two nieces and they used to live with us for years and they were like my own kids but that is another long story why they aren't around anymore......again I'm losing my point here!

Here is Madison playing with Emmy

Joshua is not the type to even like little kids normally but these 2 are completly different. He adores them and here he is reading to Simon. I'm not sure how much Simon was letting him read though this book has stretchy frogs on it that Simon thinks are great for sticking in his mouth!

Just look at those little guys eyes! His mom says she doesn't see a lot of herself in her kids but I can totally see the eyes are from her......

Since the little ones were still doing well and not getting fussy or tired yet when we got there we decided to take a little walk over to the park close by. I love to go here by the way. Most of the playground equipment is a little older but still safe and Hannah and I use to spend hours here when we were younger either just swinging or skating in the tennis courts (no one usually was using them). Its just kind of fun to take the kids somewhere to play that you used to play at.

I put Izzak in charge of chasing around with Emily so her mom and I could actually visit without her having to go up slides and pushing the swing like she normally does.

He did well. He is protective of her and the only time there was anything was when she ran by him and wanted to go up the slide by herself but he caught up and everything was okay.

I see my kids with these two and love to watch them. All four of them are very attentive and ready to please them. They are very sweet. I haven't seen them like this towards each other since they were little themselves. With Izzak it reminds me of how good and attentive he was to his sisters when they were little, even though he was pretty little himself. He loves babies and little kids.

Joshua helping Emily up onto a kiddie portion of the playground.

On the way to the park Emily rode in the strolle with Simon but after she wanted to be a big girl and walk with the big kids. For part of it she walked holding Joshua and Kenzies hands. Here she had tripped and they are all looking down at her knee to make sure she is okay. Since she was being a big girl all was fine!

And here she is holding Kenzies hand. Izzak insisted on pushing the stroller for Hannah both ways. I'm sure she didn't mind since she is always the one pushing strollers and holding hands. It was a nice visit for us to since my kids were busy playing with the little ones and the little ones were being entertained by mine.


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Stacy said...

Friends and family are such a blessing! I have found that it has become harder for me to have friends
(true) friends as time goes on. I have become to realize it is not quantity but quality, and let them know how much they mean to you!

HeiressChild said...

hi terri, beautiful pics. it's a real blessing to have your children being friends with your best friend's children.

i've been friends with my best friend for almost 40 yrs, and she's still the best. i don't mix my friends together either. i visit with each one separately from the others.

PortraitofPeter said...

Terri, your kids are such a joy to see and they are sooooo gentle and caring with the younger ones too.

How wonderful to see Izzak and even Joshua take on such a role.

Your wonderful photos do bring out all that is good about what life should be - a 'Caring' society.

You and Kelly can be so Proud of your children - they are a credit of the future generation.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Ellie said...


I can relate with keeping my friends separate. Friends are really hard to find, true friends. I am glad you have a few.

Your children do so well with Hannah's babies, it says a lot for how they are being raised. You and Kelly have done a job well done.

By the way, my uncle and his wife are spending most of their summer in Alaska. They send a copy of their diary home for their siblings to read, and mom shared their diary with me the other day. It has been an interesting journey for them. They are living in an RV, pulling a pickup truck with a 4-wheeler and their motorcycle along on the back! They are millionaires..actually multi millionaires, so they can afford the gas to carry such a load, but anyway, they are seeing the country via their rv and they are enjoying every minute of it and sharing it with their family as they can. In fact, my parents are flying out to be with them along with a few of my dad's brothers in August and then mom will fly home with my uncle's wife and the guys will come home via the RV with my uncle. They are all in their 60's or nearly there, so they can all afford this kind of leasurely trip.

I am sure you are anxious to get there and be with your husband!



Belizegial said...

I admire the fact that all 4 of your kids are so gentle with the two younger ones. That shows you are doing something right with them.

Sunday greetings,

Steffi said...

Very beautiful pictures of a very nice day!

Beccy said...

What a lovely way to pass the time with your best friend. It's great to see your children minding the younger children.

alissa said...

OMG... THOSE EYES...!!!!!

Wendy said...

I am so glad you have such a wonderful friend. Your kids look like they are wonderful with smaller children! That is so neat!! Thank you for sharing!! Loved looking at the pics!

Jenny said...

I love this pictures so much. I just want to give them all giant snuggles.

Melanie said...

What great pictures! I especially love the one of Joshua and Kenzies checking Emily's knee. Too cute!!

Kila said...

Awww, how sweet!

Doesn't it make your kids look/seem old when they are around younger ones?!

Heather K said...

great pictures..looks like they all had fun... and those eyes are beautiful!

I finally did my FD post!

frannie said...

that is so sweet! I love how your kids are looking out for their little "cousins". so, so sweet!

Debbie said...

Great pictures. Time with friends is such a wonderful thing. :)