Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Late post!! We did have fun on Saturday!

I keep promising Kelly I will post about our trip to the fun center and the Starlight parade. I am finally doing it only 5 days later!

First off though on Saturday I got a package in the mail from Beccy! I was her flapjacks and i was so excited to receive something all the way from Ireland! The kids insisted I open them right away and all had a taste. The kids loved it and so did I, Beccy! Thank you so much.

Okay now on to the Fun Center! The kids had a lot of fun and when we got there, there was no question in their minds what the first ride would be. Go ahead guess....

Yes bumper cars! This is a favorite among all the kids. How often do we get to get behind the wheel of a car and hit people with it on purpose? Honestly there are days when I am driving home from work where I wish I was in a bumper car......

The girls weren't tall enough to drive themselves but we convinced the man to allow them to ride with the boys and boy did they have fun!

There is another thing about my kids and rides at the park. They are really big chickens! All of them. Izzak got up the nerve to ride this one and I had to practically bribe Joshua to go on it with him. Izzak yelled the whole time "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!" Joshua got off and was excited! He said he had a lot of fun and he was the one I had to bribe! I have a feeling though with these kids it will be a long time before they are ready for rides at Disney land.



The girls "patiently" watching the boys since they were to young and scared to try that one.

The girls got to go one their own ride after the boys and they chose this one which is a teddy bear that goes in circles and the bear spins itself also

Joshua displaying his strength!

Izzak on a kiddie ride with the girls. This was much more his thing. Funny the kid likes to jump on bikes, skateboard and rollerblade but when it comes to rides there is not much getting him to high or fast!

The girls on another ride.

We did let the girls get their faces painted again but only half this time also Joshua got to go with us this time and had spiderman painted on half his face. Izzak got USA and a flag painted on his arm. He thought it was pretty cool.

I don't know why they look so down in these pictures though, they were really excited but getting tired at this point.

Afte the face painting the boys wanted to go on the trampoline to jump high and do flips. Izzak wasn't quit coordinated enough to do much flips and actually made his stomach upset on the one he did do so he just jumped high. Poor kid inherited his grandmothers motion sickness!

Joshua on the other hand loves any kind of jumping and flipping and really isn't afraid of hights! His only dissapointment was that he couldn't quite get two flips in per jump!

Look at how high he went!

Madison riding her own ride on the fire truck. She is at the very front sticking her head out if the picture lets you blow it up you can see her waving.

And of course the reason we were downtown was also for the Starlight parade. Unfortunatly after all the pictures I took the week and day before my camera battery was running dead so the pictures didn't really come out that well. One of the big themes this year were Pirates. We saw pirates everywhere and there were lots of pirate themed floates and other walkers.

Anyway by the time we were done with the parade it was 10:30 and we still needed to catch the max to get home since I don't drive downtown, especially during the Rose Festival.....just to scary! Of course if you ask anyone about riding the max they may say the same thing but for some reason I do it every year. It get terribly crowded and they don't have any rules about how many people can be on it. So many people are standing up in the aisles.

This year my sil came with us but had driven her truck so she took two of the kids (Joshua and Kenzie) home and I took Maddie and Izzak with me on the Max. Honestly I don't know why I insisted on taking her though. Somehow I managed to get a seat this year which was good because by the time we got on the train it was 11:30 and I had been walking or standing since 1:30 that day so I was pretty well worn out and legs hurting after all day and the night before. Anyway Madison sat in my lap so that she didn't have to stand. Izzak is big enough to stand. Madison has this problem with her bladder. She has a spastic bladder and basically if she notices (if she notices is the biggie for her) there really is no time unless you get her to a potty immediatly. Well anyway there is no bathroom on the Max and what happened? Maddie had to go potty and true to form there was no waiting or holding it, she just can't. She wet all over my pants since she was in my lap! You could barely tell with her but when I got up I was wet all up front down my legs to my knees! I was so embarresed. I guess its a good thing I probably will never meet any one of those people again. Next time if we go somewhere like that she is wearing a Pull up! Izzak thought it was hilarious though and laughed at me and so did Kelly!

Today I bought a web cam and Kelly is going to get one tomorrow. I am so excited for tomorrow or Friday when we figure them out! I get to see Kelly. It may only be on a screen but its better then nothing right now!

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Amy W said...

Skype is a free service you can use online with webcams. That will be nice to see him!

Those rides look like so much fun!

PortraitofPeter said...

Terri, when you and the kids have fun - you sure do have 'FUN'!!

What a great day at the fun centre - Izzak is in his element and Joshua (I want what he is taking - for leaps like that).

Away to go - the girls too - they are loving every moment and all of them with the facials -

Did you not try that - Terri????

You obviously all had great weather too - and I guess my safe ride would have been on the bumper too (no speed cameras there)..

Perhaps you can get the kids to write a little post - themselves here and to their dad up in Alaska of their day out at the fun centre and the Starlight Parade.

I just so luv the photos too - you are an expert on the camera.

When I use - the camera gets in the way of the pipe smoke!!

One day to go before the weekend - great!!

Melanie said...

That looks like soooo much fun! The pictures are great and the kids look like they had a blast!!

Beckie said...

Wow, that looks like a fun day! And flapjacks from Beccy - it was a good day.

That Chick Over There said...

Cool pictures!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

You all have so much fun!

HeiressChild said...

great pics and what fun terri. however, you forgot to take a picture of you all wet. *lol*

Steffi said...

Terri,that´s a really good idea to bought a webcam!Now you can see your Kelly!
Your pictures are beautiful.And Beccy´s flapjacks are delicious!I got Beccy´s flapjacks too!My kids love they to eat very!

la bellina mammina said...

What a fun time you guys had!!

I skype all the time with family and friends and I don't even need to pay!! You will love it.

frannie said...

Oh my! the kids looked like they had so much fun! I would love to do something like that! what a blast!

Poor Maddie- I'm sure she was embarrassed, too.

Can't wait for you to "see" Kelly!

ChrisB said...

This looked like so much fun. Poor Madison and poor you getting a wetting but I'm sure no one took any notice.
Terri skype is brilliant as you know I am always raving about as I can talk and see Beccy and Sam. So this will be great for you all to talk to Kelly

Scribbit said...

I have pictures of the family riding a ride just like that glider one--only it was 8 below and in February :)

Kila said...

Looks like tons of fun! I got dizzy just viewing the photos, LOL.

PortraitofPeter said...


I hope the 'webcam' set-up is going well.

I am still debating as to whether to buy a webcam or not.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Melanie said...

I have a special prayer request over at my blog. I would appreciate it if you would stop by and let me know that you will be helping me pray.

nailgirl said...

Great pics!

elena jane said...

good luck with the webcam....
and looks like a fun day at the fun centre! :)
oooh, beccy's flapjacks...i bet they were tasty :)