Monday, June 25, 2007

Re Fun Monday and the dishes.

Okay so i got a lot of comments about the dishes in my Fun Monday post. One in particular came from my dear hubby Kelly........

"Well I am weird but those dishes are mine. They are the only real thing that I got from my grandma. My mom had the same set it was got later. I kinda had to fight my older sister to keep them she tried to say that they were part of my moms set, but they weren't. The kids hav broken some of the cups that why they stay up out of the way. If you havent guessed this is Terris hubby just Getting his say. The garage well most of the stuff was in boxes tell the kids got into the stuff. Before I left you could almost get a car in there. I LOVE YOU SEXY CANT WAITE TO SEE YOU!!!!!! Kelly"

Okay so mostly point he is wanting to make first is the dishes are his not ours. He did get them when his Grandma passed away and he didn't get alot when his Grandma died and when his mom died 5 years ago he didn't get anything to remember he by either....okay I won't get into that, he reads this and that would only get him riled (sp?) up. Also as he said he had to fight his sister for them she got the same set of dishes when their mother died and wanted more. She got a different set of china though instead.

Also yes the garage was cleaner when he left. He took a lot of what was in the garage when he left but the kids quickly emptied boxes to "find" things and its a mess again. I need a truck to just take much of it to the dump!

I was surprised he commented. I have hoped he would before just to see what he had to say. He did look to see if anyone commented on his comment though. I thought that was funny.

The time with him gone right now sometimes feels like it is going really slow and sometimes it feels like it is actually going pretty fast. I really miss him though. I do well on most days but he gets me on the phone occasionally in tears feeling like I just wish it was all over and August. Really it is going by quicly and there are times I don't know how I'm going to get everything done for us in time to leave.

Oh also I wanted to add this. I found it on
Alpha Dudes site and wanted to see how everyone else rated. Here's mine

Online Dating

and the only thing bad found on my blog was the word "s*x" when I was posting about Izzaks s*x ed class class. I guess I'm a good girl!

I checked out a couple of you who I read regular and was wondering about and there are a few with some bad ones!

Like Emma who got an NC-17 rating! I think thats worse then an R. I still love your blog Emma I just may have to keep my kids away :)

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la bellina mammina said...

Nughty Emma!! lol! But then again our G rating is a bit boring, don't you think??

Beccy said...

I'm a pg for saying breast three times, dead twice and hell once!

Amy W said...

I hope the rest of the time away from your husband goes by will be August before you know it.

Jocelyn said...

That's very fun that he commented...My husband reads my blog and just gives me his comments as we stand in the kitchen!

Glad the time is going fast (at least sometimes) for you, as well. I'd been wondering.

ChrisB said...

I think the last sentance is very telling we won't expect details when you meet up or your rating will alter!!

by the way they couldn't rate me so I guess I'm way too blad to even register on their scale!!

Melanie said...

I'm rated G too!

I hope the time goes by quickly for you and your hubby will be home before you know it.

Ellie said...

I bet that was the happiest comment you ever enjoyed getting! He must miss you like crazy, as you do him.

You are on a countdown to have your family together in August, as are we. Our daughter finally sent us an email last night and she is fine, was in potential danger for nearly a week, but they survived, but they are now concerned for the people they were with. I may talk about some of that on my blog later tonight or later this week.

May August come upon us with lots of quickness and may everything go well between now and then for your family and ours. :)

Heather K said...

lol... that's funny that he commented on that... well maybe funny isn't the right word... obviously there are some feelings regarding these dishes! but nice that he commented anyway....

hey.. just wondering... have you heard from Peter... his blog seems to be gone and don't see any comments from him anywhere...?

Janice said...

What a funny comment your hubby made! I don't know how you do it! I go crazy when my husband doesn't get home until 8pm because of soft ball and here I only have 2 kids!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Kelly's comments and of course so sweet for you too..

The set is a keepsake and treasured it is for you to pass on to the children when they are adults.

What a bummer about the garage, so I guess that will mean Kelly will have to come down and tidy it all up for you all!!lol.

I see my site was awarded the same status!! not surprising really, such an old-fashioned gentleman that I am!!

HeiressChild said...

hi terri, that was really sweet of your husband to leave comments. that's another way of you staying in touch with him. time will whiz right on by. i'm glad you and your husband get to talk on the phone. even though it's not like being there with him, i know it still helps.

as far as the dishes are concerned, it happens like that in a lot of families. i'm glad your husband was able to get the dishes though.

i got a "G" rating also, and NO words were found. isn't that amazing? not one single, solitary word. now, that's a good thing.

you and the children have a beautiful week!

Susie PSU said...

I'm a PG for saying poop 3 times, and shit once. Hey, that's not to bad for the number of entries I've done!!

Emma in Canada said...

I went right to rate myself and as it was loading I saw my name. NC-17! Honestly! What did I do to deserve that? I better go check.

Steffi said...

That´s a really nice comment from your Kelly!My husband read only my blog and that´s all...

wolfbaby said...

cool that your hubs reads your blog.. mine dosn't *rolls eyes*

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Thanks, but I can't take credit.
I stole it from EE at Life Unscripted.

(I think she got it from someone else, too)

Where it came from doesn't really matter, it is still fun.