Saturday, June 16, 2007

2 days off.....but busy!

So I had 2 days off this week. If I didn't have 4 kids it may have been relaxing but we don't have any of that stuff in this house!
Wednesday was set for Izzaks end of year conferences which went okay, well as well as we can expect anyway. The school says he is at the end of 4th grade level (he just finished the 6th grade) but I don't know if I agree with that. I don't see that his reading and comprehension has gotten better over this year and since it has been such a stressful year for him I'm not totally surprised.
After the conference I had to go to the courthouse. Did I not explain this? I thought I did but you know I forget what I tell people sometimes.... Any way it goes back to my accident in February. I had to fill out an accident report. Which I did a little later then supposed to but well within the time limit they gave me so I should have been okay. Anyway the weekend after Kelly left I got pulled over by the police because my license plate light was out....seems like they would have more important things to be doing on a Saturday night but oh well. Anyway when she checked my license she said I was driving with a suspended license, which was a surprise to me. I called the DMV that Monday and they acknowledged they had made an error and misplaced the report. Made arrangements for me to get a free replacement ID and sent me a letter to take to court saying it was suspended in their error. Can you beleive I was pulled over the day after my license was suspended? That only happens to me you know..... also when I went to replace the bulb I found out that someone had actually stolen the peices to the light for my license plate. Okay now you does that??? Also another thing that only happens to me. Anyway I thought that I would get it taken care of on Wednesday but apparently that was only the arraignment now I have to wait for them to send me a letter after they can supeona the police officer so that I can come back to court basically to show a letter that it wasn't supposed to be suspended.
After that I had to take the kids to church. It would have been a few minutes myself except I had a lot of errands I needed to take care of in a short amount of time.
Thursday was my second day off and I had more to do that day.
First Izzak was off again so we worked on the house a bit until the other kids got out of school at 11:17 (yeah weird) after that I took the kids to the elementry school for their conferences. They are student led so it actually takes longer because the kids tell you and show you what they did this year. Joshua is doing fine in school but he didn't try when taking his year end tests so he didn't do well but he even admitted he didn't try and so didn't do well.
Kenzie, well she is having some problems still a little behind in her reading but not as bad as Izzak and she doesn't seem to get math. I asked her teacher how she thought she was doing and the teacher said "Well she's a sweet girl and has a lot of commons sense, she just doesn't do well in school".....I wasn't sure how to take that it king of bothered me actually. Also she commented that she is very well organized while I was noticing the teacher had a total of 3 desks about a foot high with paper, cups and all kinds of crap....I'm thinking "uhm yeah your one to talk". Anyway I worry about her because she is very quiet and doesn't ask for help when needed. Hopefully next year when I am not working out of the house I will be able to work with her more and keep a closer eye on it.
Kenzies took a long time so I had to leave before Madisons conference to take Joshua to his eye appt.
He did well at first but then we had to wait for his eyes to dialate and he got bored....

Apparently bored leads to playing. Does he look like he is keeping himself entertained? The apointment went well. He did get talked to by his eye dr about not wearing his glasses all the time though. I love their eye dr by the way....he's awesome. He got a new prescription and he doesn't have to wear the bifocals anymore so hopefully that will help him keep them on more.
After that we came home and I took Madison so her conference which went well. She is outspoken says her teacher (nice way of saying she talks a lot) but she is doing faboulus in school and the teacher said she was the top student in the class. She exceeds in reading and totally has her numbers and early math skills is so nice to have one I don't have to worry about their reading and such......She showed me what she did this year and showed me things around the class
Isn't she cute? I know I say that all the time but she is my baby and I can't help it! Also I am so proud of how she is doing in school, even though she gets in trouble alot.....
Also she insisted I take a picture of her and her Kindergarten teacher...
Okay I have lots of other pictures and stories to tell about this week but this post is getting long already so I will save that for tomorrow or another day....

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PortraitofPeter said...

You really have had such a busy two days!!

Strange set up over your suspended licence - but that's Government departments for you!!

Madison appears to be glowing in stature over her schooling and confidence and quite right too for Congratulations.

I think Izzak, Joshua and McKenzie will benefit all the more when you move up to Alaska. Quite possibly these past months have been on the kids minds and affected their studies - which is understandable.

Pleased too that Joshua no longer has to wear biofocals and he will continue to "WEAR HIS GLASSES"..

So luv the photos = always a joy to see the kids and they look so happy too.

Enjoy your Sunday.

la bellina mammina said...

Whew! What busy 2 days you've had!! You should get a Supermamma award!!
Hopefully you're able to rest up today.

HeiressChild said...

hi terri, i always love reading about your children. they are truly beautiful, and i know you and kelly are proud parents. isn't it wonderful how God has created each one so unique with their own personalities?

it's been a long time since i've sang the "teapot song," so when i saw the words on the board in Madison's class, i was singing it and singing it and singing it. *lol* i even did the "teapot" gestures that go along with the song. isn't it something how the same songs are passed down thru generations, so we can still sing along? *lol*

i hope your weekend has been a good one. enjoy the rest!

HeiressChild said...

i'm glad the DMV acknowledged their error. they should take care of everything so you don't have to inconvenience yourself anymore and go back to court to finish straightening things out. just like the system to mess up, yet you have to take time off from work and away from your daily routine to get things right. they should pay you for your time.

HeiressChild said...

ok, last time for my comments on this post. *lol* normally, i try to say everything all at once, but i'm still recuperating from yesterday's community fest so my mind is a little tired and not thinking as clear this morning.

i'm glad you'll get to stay home next school term with your children. i know from past experience, it's hard being a working parent. you'll see a big difference, i believe.

ok, finished for real this time. *lol*

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, you are one busy lady!!

Belizegial said...

Terri, good morning :)

I tried to comment earlier but couldn't post properly.

From my own experience as a working mom, I know that the best thing to do with the kids is to monitor them during home work time. My youngest does well when I oversee her homework and does poorly when I don't. I also keep on top of things when it comes to upcoming quizzes and tests so that we can review beforehand.

My hats off to you for doing such a good job with all four of them.

Peace and blessings,

Wendy said...

And you thought you post was long! Nothing compared to my camping one!! Whew! Well, you have been really buys!! I hope things settle down this weekend. :) No more errands!! You said you wanted them into the eye doctor though, so that is one thing off your check lists before you move! YEAH!! Is school out now or no?

Emma in Canada said...

I really disagree with student led conferences, it is what both Taylor and Liam's schools do. I am not sure how you can have a proper conversation about your concerns when the chikd is right there. In fact at Taylor's last one the teacher didn't even talk to me, he left the classroom about 4 different times, and one of thise times was to call his son's school. Seriously, what was the point in even going?

Sorry about the rant!

Kila said...

Good luck getting everything straightened out with your license. What happened is odd--sounds like a conspiracy, LOL!

Hopefully McKenzie learns to speak up. She sounds like me as a kid. Needs to become a little more confident and brave. Is she involved in any activities (I'm new to you)? If not, that might be a good idea.

Congrats to Joshua and Madison for doing well in school :)

frannie said...

I love the Maddie video!!! made me smile!

Steffi said...

It´s so cute to see Maddie on the video again and I hope she has a good start in the kindergarten.