Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

I guess this is a funny post to wish myself a Happy Birthday. Oh well I get to do that. I am 31 today. Last year when I turned 30 it was a lot harder, not that I think now that 30 is old but when I was a kid I did and in the back of my mind it was still so. My dads birthday was yesterday and instead of saying he was turning 59 he was celebrating his 30th 29th birthday! He is really a funny guy. He agreed with me about turning 30 and how he thought that was officially old when he was a kid to so that is why he will be 29 forever....So I guess instead of saying I am celebrating my 31st birthday I can say it is my 3rd 29th birthday instead.

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purple_kangaroo said...

Happy, happy birthday! I just turned 30 myself. People keep telling me their 30s were the best years of their life.

Melenie Duval said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I loved turning 30 actually...I finally felt like a "grown-up." As if people would now take me seriously. I actually had a very difficult time turning 25. I had pictured my life so different at 25 and wasn't necessarily disappointed, just reflecting. I hope your birthday was WONDERFUL and you can celebrate 29 mom still says she is 32 :)

Thinking of you today and every day,

my4kids said...

Thank you both. Since I started the 30's last year it hasn't been long but I am still not really liking the number, I enjoyed my 20's after all that is when I had most of my kids. I would consider them to be great years! I guess I just feel older now probably has more to do with the fact I had my kids so young that even though I am not old my kids are getting that way and it makes me feel old.
Although I still don't really feel like a "grown up" Melanie. I don't know if I ever will after all my dad still isn't.

Emma in Canada said...

Happy belated birthday! I wished myself a happy birthday on my blog too. I was conviced my family would forget and I needed some birthday wishes!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Happy Birthday (late).

I like the way Chuck Norris puts it: Think of yourself as 29 years old, with 2 years experience.

Blessings to you.

(I like Oregon. I used to live in Shady Cove, right on the Rogue River)