Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day!

We had a snow day today it was great! The weather forecast was way off though last night they said a chance of snow and we ended up here with over 6 inches which is big where we live.

I got the day off of work since I am not into driving in the snow and people in Oregon do not know how to do it even though we get snow usually every year (even if it only lasts a day or two). I just prefer to be off the roads. I had two good excuses this time though. First the kids schools were cancelled for the day so I needed to stay home but even better my mother works for the same company as me and when I called her this morning after she got to work since she leaves before me to see how the drive was her boss who happens to be the company CFO was standing by her and told her to tell I should stay home. I figured one or the other was a good enough excuse to get the day off.

I figured we would have a fun day playing in the snow which we did a little but Madison lasted about 1/2 and hour (maybe) before she was inside crying that she was cold and wanted a hot bath, now! After that she wasn't really into going out again other then quick little trips. I did manage to get a picture of her on one her quick trips though.

Kenzie did better and seemed to enjoy it more but I couldn't seem to convince her to dress right for the weather so she came in and out a lot because she got cold so quickly. I don't know about you but looking at her made me cold!

The schools have already cancelled school for tomorrow. Unfortunatly I have to go to work tomorrow myself but at least they are opening the clinics late at 10 o'clock so I get an extra 2 hours of sleep, that will have to work for me! Work should be pretty slow tomorrow anyway though since the clinic I am at right now the majority of patients are elderly and if there is even a wisper of snow they will call and cancel their appointments.

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Emma in Canada said...

We don't have snow days up here. They go no matter the weather. Sometimes the buses don't run though, but it hasn't happened since my son started taking one last year. He's hoping though!

my4kids said...

Yeah around here though they cancel school for less then we had last week. Problem is nobody knows how to drive in it, of course they don't drive good around here anyway when the weathers nice, so they figure its best to not have the buses on the road. I don't mind it much though it gives me a good excuse to get a day off of work to spend with the kiddo's. I can't get a babysitter at the last moment and if I could find someone they probably wouldn't want to drive anyway. Honestly driving is dangerous when it snows even a bit, way to many accidents and cars flying all over the place. People are just kind of stupid.