Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to School and Joshua's driving me nuts

So the kids went back to school this week on Tuesday after there Christmas break, I only had to work two days this week so I was kind of glad about that. The only problem is it meant getting back to the regular phone calls from Joshua at school telling me he had forgotten his lunch at home and now the school says I need to put money in his account so he can get a regular lunch.

Ok, the problem is he isn't supposed to get lunches at school he has a lunch box and I spend a good deal of money every week to find interesting things to put in their lunches because it actually ends up cheaper then paying for school lunches that they stand in line for 15 minutes to eat but only have a 25 minute lunch so the girls, especially Maddie end up not having enough time to eat.

The fun part of this week is when he called he got my voicemail and didn't leave a message so I called the school and asked to speak to his teacher about it this time once I found out for sure that it was his lunch again. This is the embarrasing part apparently when he forgets to bring his lunch he tells the school as in the teacher and the lunch people that we have no food in the house for him to make a lunch. So they feel bad for him and give him a free lunch. I am now figuring out why they keep sending home the free lunch forms that we make to much money to get. Also I kept trying to figure out why every time he called home sick and wanting to come home the school nursing was telling me about the free medical program at another school that I could take him to to get checked out. God I feel embarrased now. I am trying to figure out exactly what he has been telling the school and why they haven't noticed that his sisters (who are in the same school) always come in with their lunch boxes full of interesting food items.

Anyway I talked to his teacher about it and assured her that yes we have plenty of food in the house for all of the kids and I watch him make his lunch every morning so I know he is getting one. I told the teacher that obviously he is trying to take advantage and get a lunch at the cafeteria and that this is not okay (especially if he is lying about no food in the house) so from now on if he "forgets" his lunch he is not to be given a school lunch. Hopefully he will figure it out this way because apparently he has racked up a nice large bill for me to pay by the end of the year for hot lunches that I never agreeed to. It really ticks me off. I mean it is one thing if a kid does it once in awhile and actually forgets his lunch somewhere but shouldn't they find out more information before feeding him lunches like that at least 2-3 times a week? Like I said his sisters go to the same school and always have their lunches....

The other thing is Joshua already has a reputation to begin with at the school for telling these kinds of stories and manipulating things so people think he is not as smart as he is. I mean he comvinced his teacher this year that he couldn't read past a 1st grade level (he is in the 4th) when he finished the year last year testing very advanced at a 6th grade level and very proficient. I swear this kid drives me crazy sometimes and I haven't even gotten into the half of it. :( ughhhhhh. By the way the shirt he is holding up was part of his Christmas pajamas and it says "The boogie man is afraid of me", yeah I would be to.

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Emma in Canada said...

He sounds like my 10 year old. He always forgets lis lunch and sometimes I wonder what he tells them.

my4kids said...

I used to think he was actually forgetting until it became something he did several times a week!

purple_kangaroo said...

Wow, how frustrating for you to try to figure out how to deal with that.