Friday, January 05, 2007

Quizes and Drs appt

Don't know why I have done those but I saw them and thought it was funny. Usually they are so off, but sometimes they hit the mark.

I have a drs appt today for a blood disorder I have...They have to check my counts and see if I am keeping my iron counts up with the infusions I get every month... Wish me luck....I really hate needles especially since I have a port in my chest which means a big needle in the chest, trust me not comfortable but at least it means one poke instead of 6 in the hands.

Also I am not working at all today because I work in the staffing department and somehow even though I have been there longer then anyone else I didn't get scheduled, I guess thats what you get after 4 years. They tried to tell people this summer that slumps in jobs never happens with so many clinics, I disagreed and see I was right. Anyway I guess I will try to get the house cleaned up while the kids are in school before I go to the drs. Also we are completly out of TP.. How does that happen and no one tells me? huh really how does it happen? We also need garbage bags if I am going to clean this house just to much stuff piling up.

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Emma in Canada said...

My kids could go ages without toilet paper in their bathrrom and never tell me. They are gross.

When did your kids go back? Mine are back on Monday. I'm excited to have my house quiet again!

my4kids said...

So glad to hear my kids aren't the only strange ones ;) Really I don't get it?

My kids went back to school this last tuesday. I have a story from this week I need to post about Joshua ughh he can be so embarrasing!