Sunday, December 30, 2007

A shot of our new house and new pup pics

In two more days we will be moving to the new house. Did I ever explain that? Well you see when we were moving here to begin with we were having some trouble finding a place, you can read about it here. It's not to long you should read it it made me kind of sad though, not sure why. What ended up happening is a coworker had a father who lives here and they had a home they usually use as a guest house when family and friends visit. It asked them to rent it temporarily till we could find something and they said sure. That is how we ended up with our beautiful view we have now. We have been looking but it took awhile to find something. So here we are 4 months in and we found a house we love about 3 weeks ago that would be available to move into January 1st! The house is bigger then this one and even Kelly's brother Josh who is still staying with us will have his own room till he moves. Much nicer then him sleeping in the living room on the couch like he is now! I know he is looking forward to it. It's more up on the side of the mountain and backs up into trees. No one lives behind us at all and the woods back there go on forever. The landlord said that they used to go out there a little ways back to practice shooting and to go hunting, Kelly and Izzak are more then excited about that. It has the 2 car garage Kelly wanted, a good size front yard for the kids to play in (and of course the pups), a play house in the woods to the side of the house and much more. We still have a great view of the Narrows as well! Here is a pic of the house.

It's been snowing pretty much all the time for days now and actually quite deep. This picture doesn't show it so well but it's about a foot+ deep in front of the house more so in other areas and they have plowed the driveway before the latest storm. Am I ready to move right now though? Nope not at all! But it will be fine....

On to pics of Kodiak.

Here is Kodiak playing with her momma.
She is teething big time right now.
Cute little pose
Finally laying down

Other then that all going we are doing well. We had a good Christmas and I'm glad to see things finally settling down for a bit though this season has just been crazy so far!

14 people had something to say:

Denise said...

Ok I am caught up your blog now. Sorry I have not been commenting. I suck ass lol. Love the pics of the kids at Christmas. I also like the house and the dogs. I am not a animal person at all. Merry Christmas. Thanx for the comments about my inlaws. Mine suck ass. Can you tell I like that saying?

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you all - and the house looks so wonderful too and what better way to start the 2008 - your very own home in Alaksa.

And Kodiak looks so cute - envious of the teeth too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU and I shall comment on the other posts I have missed, when I feel a little better.

Anonymous said...

that is great luck that you found a new house you all like and will be happy with. wow that is a lot of snow!!! the pup is adorable;)

Pamela said...

It looks and sounds wonderful.
I'm down in Oregon and just making some quick visits

Heather K said...

Hi Terri
Happy New Year!
My mil is doing fairly well...she's been home since last friday...not staying alone yet but getting there. thanks for asking.
the new house looks awesome! enjoyed your of these days I'll get off my butt and download my Christmas pictures.
take care.

Susie PSU said...

I can't wait to see the inside of the new house! You have been so lucky to land on your feet in every situation. That puppy is absolutely adorable, too!!

Kila said...

I love the porch!

Happy New Year to you! Thanks for all you added to my life in 2007, and I hope you'll share 2008 with me!

ChrisB said...

The new house looks great: looking forward to hearing more and seeing more photos. The Christmas pictures are lovely and your puppy is so sweet.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Janice said...

That's a beautiful home!! And the puppy is just too cute! Makes me want to have one - and I am not really a dog person. Glad you guys had a great Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great place. Glad you found a place that suits you and that you will still have a great view. Happy New Year.

Melanie said...

Your new house looks great. I'm glad you found somewhere that is going to work well for your family.

My hubby wants to know if the government still gives away free land in Alaska to help populate certain areas.

Emma in Canada said...

The house looks lovely and the puppy is getting big! i don't envy you moving at this time of the year though. Hope it goes well!

Steffi said...

Happy New year to you all!Your house looks really nice!

Squishy Tushy said...

The new house looks fantastic!! I can't wait to more photos... especially of your unbelievable views!!!