Sunday, December 16, 2007

New puppy pics

Kenzie holding Kodiak

The puppies are starting to eat solids now!

Kelly putting her in his hat teasing that he is going to take her home.
The puppies are all teething so the other day I bought a couple of chew toys for them to have so that Kodiak would have something familiar to take home with her when we bring her home. Everone laughed at me when I bought a set of baby key rings but they are all the puppies favorite toy.
Kelly getting licked by Kodiak. She loves to lick on people and if you bring her close to your face she will go nuts.

Sorry I'm not posting much lately. It's just really busy with the holidays coming. Also I haven't been in the best of moods for posting either. This will be the first year since we have had kids that we won't be able to go to our families homes on Christmas and that makes me really sad. Usually we will be so busy on that day visiting everyone I didn't mind it though it was part of the day. This year we are going to be at home, although we may go to our friends house for part of the day. Also Kodiak will be 5 weeks on Christmas so we are going to bring her home for a couple of hours since she is kind of a family Christmas gift. The kids don't know that yet so it will be a surprise for them. The other thing that has me down is that all the families are sending money for Christmas gifts so I am trying to find gifts for them and us then figuring out which is from them and which to have from us it just seems like a lot of extra work. Also I like the surprise in seeing what everyone gets and that is kind of lost when I'm buying gifts for everyone from everyone else. Does that make any sense? I know this is the hardest one probably and the holidays without being around all of our families will get better as we make our own new traditions but at the moment I'm just kind of sad.

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nailgirl said...

Coming out of lurkdom to comment. I dont know how the hell you handle being away from your families and all that is familiar to you. Also what kind of dog is kodiak?

kitten said...

Cute puppies! I hear ya on the busy part! Here's a few hugs and a smile! I got you signed up for FM.
Take care!

frannie said...

I'm sorry that the holidays are hard for you right now. I know that it isn't easy for you to be away from family.

I had a little bit in my post (that I did yesterday) that may help you. "fake it till you make it"

and I would ask that people send gifts in the future. You are completely right about that. not only does it take the fun out of it for you, but it causes a lot of unneccesary stress that, to be honest, you could do without. Just explain to them what you said in your post. I'm sure they will understand. If they still won't do it, maybe you could get the kids involved. Give Kenzie the money for Maddie's gifts and let her do the shopping for her. Maddie's for Kenzie and the same with Joshua and Izzak. most are old enough that they could do it without anyone seeing and you could still be surprised. that would add a fun element to Christmas.

I also suggest starting some really fun traditions that will help you get over the holiday slump. Think of some things that the kids would really like to do and incoporate them into your day. Maybe Santa could hide one gift for each and leave a note with clues and it be a big scavenger hunt or something.

okay, I will quite babbling now.

email if you need to talk

"J" said...

I'm sorry you are feeling this way! I kind of know what you are going through!!! I'm just NOt in the spirit!!! I try and try more each day, but I just can't seem to get there!!! I thought I was going to put a tree up this past weekend, but something keeps telling me...WHAT'S THE POINT? So needless to say...we don't have a tree up yet!!! It's just Me & Mr. "S" and I guess we are both like, "WHATEVER"!!!

The only thing I'm excited about right now is to go see his family after Christmas...we will be there for New Years...we are driving from Texas to Ohio...CRAZY road trip...huh?

Lil Mouse said...

A puppy for Christmas? boy would my husband love that! but we can't have one as we live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets. one great tips if you haven't had a puppy before is when they are a little older and teething to give them ice cubes. they will love it, as it will numb their gums. and they can't hurt anything by breaking them, unlike a real baby teether which they could poke and ingest that nasty chemical stuff..

ChrisB said...

This is going to be a tough Christmas for you this year but the children will love having the puppy around for a bit on Christmas Day. You could always start a new family tradition which I'm sure would interest the kids~ something you've not done in the past (like a riddle or picture to find a present). Mom always knows the best toys~ I would never have thought about giving the puppy a teether but clearly you got it just right!.

frannie said...

I used to freeze baby carrots for my puppy when he was teething. that worked very well.

as far as a baby teether- they are only filled with distilled water, in case a baby accidently breaks and ingests the fluid. at least the ones we use are like that.

Amy W said...

That whole gift buying thing does sound stressful...good luck!

Debs said...

Puppies are so cute! :D

Willowtree said...

What kind a puppies are they? They kinda look like Border Collies.

Oh hey, that reminds me, the property next to mine should have puppies by now, I should go and check it out.

Cole Twins - Wisconsin said...

Hey Stranger....
I haven't been around much - life sorta sucks right now!

Puppy are adorable!!!

Hope you make it through the holiday season alright. Mines sort of crappy too. To much medical stuff going on right now.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are feeling so sad. I have been feeling the same way the last couple of days, but I think for me it is more physical than situational. I hope you have a good time despite the lack of other family around, and I hope you come out of your sadness soon.

Kodiak is getting to be really cute.

Steffi said...

Cute puppies!Kenzie looks really happy with her puppies!Nice picture!

Peter said...

Great photo's and Kenzie is beaming with Kodiak.

Hope to are now very much into the Festive Spirit and remember the most important - is you and your immediate family - enjoy the Day and if you can share with your friends that will be a bonus.

Although I have no family now - I can still enjoy the festive spirit and treasure the memories of Christmas past.