Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years 2007!

Happy New Years yeah its 2007!

Well I hope everyone had a great new years. Didn't do much I did stay up with the kids till midnight to watch the ball drop at Times Square and see the fireworks going outside. Kelly went to bed several hours ago, he never stays up for it he's not a big fireworks fan. The kids liked it though except Maddie missed it she fell asleep around 11:30 and when Joshua tried to wake her up she just got upset and was crying so I sent her off to my bed for the night.

I don't blame her for being tired we had a busy morning. We decided to take the kids up to the mountain to play in the snow they were cold but had a lot of fun.

Sorry for so many pictures. I just couldn't choose. I love snow pictures they just seem to come out so well!
Well I have many hopes for this new year. I would love to lose some weight for one, of course that is the
traditional new years resolution so I am not going to make it a resolution, just something I would like to do..
I hope to go a year with minal drs appts for any of us and good health for all of us and our friends and family also! Its a new year a time to start fresh right!? I have high hopes like every year. One of those big hopes is that Kelly's lawsuit from the car accident will finally be settled, it
happened almost 3 years ago and it seems to be taking forever. We really need this to happen since we really want to move to Alaska and this is the main thing holding it up, not just the money but he has visits with their "specialists" and the attorneys so it wouldn't make sense for us to move out of state till it is done. We will have to see the last several months
we have seen more action from both sides then we have seen in the last 3 years so maybe, just maybe we can be done with it and get on with our plans! We shall see..................

4 people had something to say:

miraclebaby said...

I love all the snow pics!

my4kids said...

Thank you, I think taking pictures in the snow is one of my favorites, there pink little cheeks and that look on their faces as they are wrestling in the snow or throwing a snowball its just to much!

Emma in Canada said...

I love snow pics as well, they are my favourite to scrapbook. You have lovely kids. I am coming from emmakirsten's site, I was intrigued by your profile. I too have an 11 and 10 year old, as well as a 2 yr old and a baby. My son also has learning disabilities (dyslexia and dysgraphia, as well as ADD) I look forward to reading your blog when my kids are all in bed for the night!

my4kids said...

Emma in Canada,
You are the first person I have heard from other then a special ed teacher who even knew what dysgraphia is, usually I get strange looks and "what is that?"