Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Miscellanius Ramblings

So not to much exciting going on around our house right now last week was Madisons birthday and she is officially a 6 year old but don't call her a big girl or she will argue with you. She is the baby always will be according to her and there is just no sense in trying to discuss it with her. I suppose it is a good thing my tubes are tied and I won't be having anymore kids (unless God has other plans) I don't know what she would do if we had another she would probably be beside her self and not know what to say, oh wait a minut this is Maddie we are talking about she always has something to say you just never know what its gonna be! Anyway I know one thing it would take her time to get used to!

So the girls also had there annual visits with the dr to make sure they are doing okay they are both still little Madison weighs in at 41 pounds and is 42 inches tall (or 3' 6") putting her squarly in the 20% for height and weight McKenzie was 52 lbs and 45 inches tall (or 3' 9") same with her she is squarly in the 20th % for both if you look that up and they keep up there averages they will not be much taller then 5' if they are lucky since my mom is 5' and their other Grandma was 4'8" (which is shorter then Izzak already). I guess it is good they are girls because nobody really cares about girls being short! I talked to their dr about Kenzies face breaking out all the time and her allergic reaction this summer (the bad one I posted about here ) he wanted to start with the blood test that can test for food allergies. She is such an awesome kid though I think the lab expected her to cry and fight them as they put her in the room with a bed and were trying to see if I could hold her in my lap to keep her calm. Well when they suggested that Kenzie looked up at them and said "whats the big deal my mom gets more upset then I do?" I had to laugh she is so funny and just watches the lab person stick the needle in and doesn't even flinch. The lab person said she was the easiest kid she has ever drawn. I guess some of that comes from the fact she has had a lot of blood draws, I don't know. She is pretty proud of herself though and can usually tell the lab people where to find a good vein. Anyway the labs came back yesterday and the dr says they didn't show any food allergies so I think I want to move on the an allergist and have her tested for more then foods just so I know what is causing her break out so bad, that and I am starting to wonder if any of her stomach problems could be allergy related just not to foods. I am pretty positive she is allergic to molds due to the problems she had with her asthma at an appartment we lived in.
Izzak got his cast off yesterday. I was really glad about that. He has been driving everyone nuts with it both us and his teachers. He figured it was a good excuse to get out of doing anything at home or school or just about anywhere! It is much better now though and isn't bothering him at all. Oh well thats all for now.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever looked into Candida regarding Kenzie's allergies, stomach problems and break-outs? Sounds like it could be a possibility. You can learn more at
Good luck!

my4kids said...

No I haven't but I probably should she spent so much time on antibiotics as a baby and spent most of her first years with terrible yeast infections and rashes from it. Thanks for the idea I will have to look into it!