Monday, December 04, 2006

Santa Clause is comming!

We had a good weekend with lots of pre Christmas activities! It really is my favorite time of year! On Saturday we went to my parents house to help decorate their tree and put up other decorations. The kids loved it of course and have always insisted on helping with decorating Grandma and Papa's tree.
On Sunday we got our tree at a tree farm in Oregon City. We went with my sister, her husband Ron and their youngest daughter Alyson.
We always like to go to the tree farms so we can cut the tree ourselves. I just think they are fresher and last longer then a tree from a lot and generally there is a better selection of many more trees also they tend to be less expensive.
We got about a 7 ' maybe a little more Douglas Fir. I love Dougs because they are so full and plenty of branches for my huge ornament collection. My sisters family bought a Noble Fir. We haven't put the tree up yet as we found when we got home that our stand is not big enough so I will need to go out tomorrow to find a bigger one. Wish me luck! I will have to post pictures when we get it up. Also this year my parents decided they didn't want to put the train that goes around their tree and talked the kids into taking it home for our tree. As long as they don't play the song is sings over and over it should be cute!

Today was my first day back to work since my surgery. It went okay I worked in one of our Immediate Care facilities though and since it was
Monday we were very busy.... Work is okay but as I said in a post last week I really wish I didn't have to work.

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