Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kids at the beach

So I took the kids to Totem Bight again, I like walking around there also. I figured it was a nice day and the kids could walk around and play a bit.

Here they are on the trail. Everything around here is in it's major growing season at the moment. It's almost impossible to keep yards and such under control as far as bushes and such.

We went into the clan house the kids pretended to do the native dances. Not much like them at all but they were having fun.

Here they are checking out a totem pole that they had to bring down to fix so it wouldn't fall and possibly cause an accident.

One of the things I'm loving right now is all the wildlife around. I've really gotten into bird watching. Something I was never really into before but have come to really enjoy. We have a bird guide book now since we did a bird watchers thing for the kids in May so now we try to figure out what we are seeing by checking the book. I'm really enjoying the zoom on my camera with this as well since I can get really close, good shots of the birds like this one.

Then we decided to walk down to the beach and the kids were looking in the tide pools to see what little creatures live there. Connor is visiting us from Oregon right now and hasn't really done that before so he was really into it and the other kids had fun telling him what things were.

Click on the photo below to see better inside the tide pool!

Of course he is a natural boy so his favorite thing was the crabs and he was enjoying trying to catch them. Although he was little afraid of them pinching him with their little claws so this was the first one he actually got that he was able to caux onto a rock and pick up that way.

Joshuas favorite thing to do whenever we get near water is to skip rocks. He has actually gotten pretty good and with his strong throwing arm he has managed to get up to 6 skips out of a rock many times!
Sorry about not getting this up yesterday like I promised but I seem to have come down with something again and am not feeling well the last two days. I've almost lost my voice this time from a lovely cough....

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ChrisB said...

That looks like the perfect place for kids to have fun. Hope you feel better soon~loosing your voice is no fun except maybe for the kids ~ you won't be able to shout at them (not that I'm suggesting you do!)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing place to experience childhood! Your children are so very lucky! (And you too...)

elena jane said...

great day spent at the beach! i love watching the birds in our backyard (and the baby robins in the nest just flew away)....hope you're feeling better soon!

Debbie said...

Such a beautiful place! Looks like fun.

giants fan said...

the tide pool looks really fun!