Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did you notice?

Did you see the little ticker on the side over there???
Kenzie comes home Thursday and I'm counting down the hours! I can't wait to get her back here. She has been gone far too long for me.....

Anyway today we had a little home school field trip with several of the other families to the SEAFAC (SouthEast Alaska Aqustics Facility)to learn about what they do there. Basically they run the American Pacific fleet submarines through sound detectors to make sure they are actually stealth, or silent, like they are supposed to be. I couldn't take many pics on the base but don't worry I have other pics from today. Of course.

Since it is here in South East Alaska it is on another Island, well because everything is always on another island then the one we are on of course... The people from the base came with one of their boats to do the tour and it was an awesome ride in my opinion. The views here from pretty much wherever you are are always amazing. I truely do love this area we live in...

I took a few pics and decided to share them all with you today with a little slide show. Aren't you happy?? :)

WE had a good day and I really enjoyed the tour and learning about what they do there. Some of the views from the station where pretty amazing as well but the place we were standing was a "no camera zone" so I couldn't get those pictures for you.

Other then that we came home and worked on the house and had a quiet rest of the day. Have I mentioned I'm really excited to have Kenzie coming home tomorrow??

I promise to post in the evening letting you all know how she is. Until then.....

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kitten said...

I bet you are excited!!!! Looks like yall had a great day!!

Wendy said...

I bet you are so ready! I think she is home now??? Hope you are getting some squeezes in from her!

Kila said...

I hope you are getting lots of Kenzie snuggles!

Debbie said...

Looks like a marvelous day.
I saw on Facebook that she's home. I can just imagine how happy you all are that she's home.

ChrisB said...

I can just imagine all the excitement in your house

Anonymous said...

Sorry, for not leaving comments, have been extremely busy with a move.

And yes - I am in the final stages of moving to the Scottish Isles.

I guess - seeing your beautiful location set me off.

Will be in touch very soon.

Take care



Melenie said...

She's home! I've been waiting and checking and waiting and checking to see how her trip was but you must be getting all the Kenzie love you can get right now! Glad to see things are going so well for all of you up there. This summer just flew by! Sorry we missed you when you were in Portland...just too much crazy :)

Scottish Isles Poet said...

Wow, now that excursion - must have been really great.

I would have loved a visit of the base. Although, no doubt I would have had to leave my pipe behind.

So pleased your McKenzie is back with you all - I just hope she has not brought all of Portland shopping - with her.

How is Kodiak ?