Sunday, July 27, 2008

Izzaks had a busy 2 weeks

Actually we have all been busy the last couple of weeks. Summer is going by so fast. I can't believe it's almost August already!

I sent our extra boy, Connor, back home to his family in Portland. He was here for 2 1/2 weeks and I'm sure he had a lot of fun. It was his second trip of course and everyone here remembered him from the last time he was here so they all excepted him back into the group like he had never been gone. The boys took him to the marina to go swimming a couple of times and lots of other things as well.

Kenzie FINALLY comes home on Thursday the 31st. I am sooo excited. I miss her soo much right now. I keep telling her not to expect to be far away from me for awhile. Her momma needs much Kenzie loving time. She will fly home with my friend Johanna and her best friend Clarissa who are also in Portland right now. She might have come on a different day but she was scarred to fly home by herself so we got her on the same flight.

Okay on to a little of why Izzak has been busy. He has gone to 2 different camps in the last 2 weeks. The first one was for 3 days for a kayak/canoe trip with the boyscouts.

Here he is with his own camera. Doesn't he look lovely dirty! You should have seen him when he got home. This is almost clean compared to that. They knocked their canoe over once while he had his cell phone in his pocket and took 3 days to see if it would dry out and lucky for him it did and is working fine now.

This is one of the lakes they were canoeing on during the trip. Beautiful, isn't it? I never tire of seeing pictures of this place we live now.....honestly.

Here is their campsite. They were definetly doing the "real" camping thing. No facilities anywhere for them, just the woods for privacy and the lake for cleaning....uhm and it's a glacier fed lake so just a bit chilly....

A couple of days after he got back from the boyscout camp he had another youth camp with our church.

He loves going to this campground. He helped close it up for the season last fall and open it for the season this last spring. He's been there several times since we moved to Ketchikan and it takes a boat ride to get to.

When he came back this time he couldn't stop talking about the bears they had at this camp trip. They've had bears here before when he's been there but not as many as they did this last week. He took tons of pictures of the bears. Here is one of the pics he took. You can see the green inner tube thing right by it. Does that tell you how close they were to the bears? Honestly they are really safe though. They have bears there all the time, the island the bear is on is called Bear Island but they have never had a bear attack or anything and they have used this camp for years.

He had a lot of fun. A couple of his friends went also and of course girls, which makes all camps great in Izzaks eyes.

I was told by one of the parents that we need to have the "birds and bees" talk with him because he is so interested in girls. I told them that we did that a long time ago and that Izzak has been "interested" in girls since he was born, basically.... Honestly I'm not worried about him at this point. He flirts but it's all fun. He is actually a very responsible kid for 13.

So anyway it has been busy and I'm still sucking on the posting more frequently thing. I promise I am working on it......

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elena jane said...

wow, that sure is some roughing it camping...good for him though!! it's great he's enjoying himself...and i know you'll be happy when you girl is home too!! :)

giants fan said...

I would freak out if I were that close to a bear!

although the picture is really cool!

Kila said...

Sounds like he's had some great experiences!

Pamela said...

geeez girl, I can't believe you are so calm about it. I'm scared and I'm not even there. ha ha.

Debbie said...

Those camps sounds awesome. But - uh - bears??? Yikes. Gorgeous but I'd still be terrified. :)

Anonymous said...

Well Done Izzak. Looks like an amazing time you had at those camps and have a close up experience with the bears.

I'm sure you will be looking forward to your next trip to camp.