Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baseball season is over

So baseball season is over for Joshua. They didn't have a great season only won like 4 games but they learned a lot. This was Joshua's first year playing and he really learned his strengths and weaknesses over the season. He has a hard time hitting the ball so that is something he is going to work on for sure.

This was his baseball picture for the year. I think he looks awful cute, personally. Does anyone notice his hair is short? Yep he made me cut it all off but now he is growing it back.

He definetly improved though with his stance and watching the ball. He no longer swings at everything that comes by him

He started the season in the outside left field since he wasn't catching very well. They played is some very nasty weather as you can almost see in this picture where there is standing water on the field since we live in a rain forest they play no mater the weather. The only time they cancel a game is when the wind is so hard it blows the balls back and hitter when he hits!

He ended the year as a center fielder when they found out he had a really good arm and he started catching balls. Over the winter they are planning to do baseball clinics before the next season and they want to start working with Joshua so he can pitch next year. They say he has a really strong arm which is why they put him where they did since he can get the ball far.

So even though they didn't have a great year he has improved a lot himself and they just might stand a chance next year with more practice!

Also sorry again for the long period of quiet. I actually got back home a week ago Friday and my parents were here so we were busy with that and lots of games for Joshua and then a couple of days into it I got really sick and was in bed for 4 days straight. I'm just now coming out of it now after not being able to eat or drink for that long either so I'm a bit weak at the moment. Kenzie is down in Portland with my parents for a couple weeks or so. I'm really anxious for when she does get back and we get back to everything as "normal" or as normal as we get around here anyway! Joshua and Madison are going to camp this week so just Izzak, it should be pretty quiet here this week sounds great to me! Then next week Connor comes for a couple of weeks to visit.....ahh summer......

I promise more pics to come very soon.

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philosophywithinpoetry said...

Yes, I noticed your Joshua likes the "my look - no hair"... Great in the summer, not so good in the winter.

A proud moment for Joshua and for you all, to see him find a position in the team and may he continue to do well alongside his team mates.

Sorry, to read of your bout of illness, given what you have had to endure, I thought it would affect you at some stage - I am pleased you are improving and plenty of fluid intake and rest will aid your recovery together with a more quieter environment.

Just enjoy your time sitting outdoors and the beautiful views of where you live. Take Care.

giants fan said...

glad you are home! I hope you are able to start posting more-- I've missed you.

And I hope you feel better. that sounds like a really nasty illness. probably being so busy finally caught up with you.

Joshua sounds like he really has some talent. He just needs to work on it. Even Babe Ruth wasn't born swinging. all those guys practice. a lot!

Cole Twins said...

Hope you had a great vacation!!

Kila said...

Great photos of him.

Wow, your baseball season is over already? When did it begin?

elena jane said...

yay for joshua and baseball :) i love shorter hair too....
hope you're feeling better and the kids enjoy camp :)

Anonymous said...

I love that his baseball photo looks like a baseball card!

Anonymous said...

I love that his baseball photo looks like a baseball card!