Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy Saturday

Kelly and the boys are camping with the boy scouts this weekend so I decided the girls and I would have a day to ourselves doing something fun. Hopefully Kelly will be taking pictures so I can share those this week!

First we took Uncle Josh to work and went to the bookstore which seems to be a favorite place for their girls lately. They each got to pick out a book and some other things. After that we went to the Discovery Center. They had an Owls, Hawks and Eagle show for younger children today and brought birds to show the kids. We learned a lot about the birds and they even had a young eagle which was fun to me. I love eagles! Here are some pictures

First was the screech owl. A very small owl but very cute.

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They got to take pictures with it
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And they were even able to pet it.

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Then the barn owl

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The red tail hawk

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and the young eagle of course!

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We learned they do not get their white tail feathers and heads until they are about 5years old. This one is only 4 years old.

They got to take pictures with this one also.
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They are kind of leaning away because it had just spread its very large wings and flapped them both in the heads, they were giggling after that.

I talked to the people with the birds and they have a rescue center here in Ketchikan and they gave me their number so when my dad comes to visit this summer I can take him to visit it. He is an even bigger eagle fan then I am! I told him this today and we was pretty excited about this.

After the bird show we went to watch our friends son play soccer.
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He has recently been excepted to the Alaskan Olympic Development team as a goalie!
We had fun watching but it was very cold and windy today!

After the game we went to dinner just us girls then walmart to pick up a couple of things.

After that it was time to go pick up Uncle Josh from work and we noticed that is was a beautiful moon outside so we pulled over to look at it and get some pictures.

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The girls looking over the water at the moon.

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And this was our day!
I hope to get back to posting a little more often soon. It has just been very busy lately!

12 people had something to say:

poetic scotland said...

Don't worry Terri - every time you post - you capture with interesting postings alongside delightful photo's.

A day of joy and learning for all - even of the mystique of the moon...

Take care and hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

ChrisB said...

That sounds like a really great day~ it's nice to have girlie time. I think my grandson is away with the scouts this weekend. I love the photo of the moon~ I never seem to get a very successful night shot!

That Chick Over There said...

Oh dear God, that owl scares the crap out of me!

la bellina mammina said...

What a fun Saturday! The owls are so cute!! Love the one of the moon too..

Janice said...

That's so cool the kids got to go to the discovery center. The owls are cool!

Happy Belated Birthday to Izzak!! I can't believe he's 13! I am little nervous about the kids getting older - the whole teenage angst gives me the shakes, he-he!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to your sister in law. :)

frannie said...

what a nice girl day!!!!

lisa marie said...

That was a great day! Love the birds! Wow, I bet you were exhausted when you got home. :)

Kila said...

Sounds like a great day :)

There's something for you at my place.

Jocelyn said...

What a gorgeous way to share the day with your girls!

I'm so taken with birds of prey, and that photo of the owl just sums up why. What a "hoot."

Heather K said...

looks like you had some fun girl time. It's great to get out and distract yourself when things are stressful! At least it is for me!! :)
looks like the girls enjoyed the birds...and the picture with the moon is beautiful! It's so nice now that the days are getting longer isn't it! we're loving it but cant WAIT until summer. If you come down over summer holidays maybe we can have another go at meeting up..that would be fun. :D
take care~

Steffi said...

Sounds like a good day and nice pictures!

dawn said...

Looks like a great day filled with education and and fun things.