Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busy Saturday as usual....

Do the days ever get slow around here? No not really.....
Saturdays almost seem like the worst with all the kids home it seems they all have things they need to go to for one reason or another like this Saturday started with Izzak having a boy scout expo thing at the local "mall" to show what they do during meetings and such. It was to be a kind of recruitment thing I guess. He had fun though. He had to be there at 11 till 2.

Joshua needed to be at baseball for their first practice game today at 12 till 3

And the girls had a birthday party from 1 till 2:30. Anyone note the fact that they all had to be somewhere in the same time span?.......Yeah makes for an interesting day when Kelly also had to work so I was running around all day from one place to the next to be at each event and getting them there.

Here are pictures from Izzaks event.

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Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
Izzak is the rope tying man... he likes to do them and he is pretty good. He learned a lot from his dad before boyscouts so a lot of the nots they teach he already knew. He likes being the one a little ahead of the game..

Here are pics from Joshuas game...

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Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

Yes they play on gravel. Everything here is played on gravel, soccer and football. With the amount of rain we get all year there is no way to keep up a grass field it would just be mud and the grass around here doesn't really grow well too wet, can you believe it? Fake turf is too expensive and wouldn't really work well either with the amount of rain according to what I've heard. This was a practice game though so they don't have their full uniforms yet. They get the shirts and hats just before their first real game which is next week.

I didn't get pics of the girls party they went to because that was the only thing I didn't really stay for. I really wanted to see some of Joshua playing and had to fit that into the little bits between running the other kids back and forth. It does make the day go by faster though....... That and I was up late last night with Izzak in the ER for a UTI poor kid....had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes which is hard to do with 7 people in the house! I have to schedule an appointment with his pediatrician this week since he has some history with a problem he was born with that could mean something else is wrong.......I'm praying it is a random thing otherwise we have to figure out how to get him to Portland also since regular urologists wont see him only Peds ones and the one who has followed him since he was a baby is in Portland.

I've had a couple of questions about how I'm doing and the fact I haven't been posting as much as usual. I'm doing fine. Still haven't gotten rid of the tooth infection thing completely though but I have problems fighting things like that and always takes a little longer but my face isn't swollen or painful anymore at least and I'm feeling a lot better. My sis in law who was diagnosed with breast cancer is working on getting her treatment she was having a hard time in the smaller town she lived where the doctor was actually making comments about how she was going to pay for it. He asked her if she had a family member or someone she knew who might die soon and leave her a bunch of money! Can you believe that? She has moved back home to Portland and is being seen at the office I talked her into going to that I know is a really great place. She has kind of a bad prognosis though. If the cancer doesn't go into remission they are giving her 3-4 months which is kind of freaking Kelly out. He really wants to go back to Portland to see her since he is afraid she might not make it and they haven't been on the best of terms in awhile while they were once really close. Josh my bil who lives with us will be going to Portland around the same time as Maddie and I to see the neurologist about his MS.

I haven't been blogging much lately cause life has been sooo busy here. Homeschooling 2 and having 2 in school is a lot of extra work running to different activities and making sure I get the 2 picked up sometimes turns into a challenge! That and they are all in scouts and Joshua has baseball 4-5 nights a week right now. Also my own computer is down so I am down to using Izzak or Kellys laptops for posting.

I will be posting again monday at least for Fun Monday and hope to get a little more in next week.

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writer-in-residence said...

Wow, a busy Saturday - and the kids obviously had fun - albeit poor mum - the driver for the day.

Great photo's and see the smile Izzak has - all credit to him

It would be wise of Kelly to visit his sister, as he clearly wishes to do so and perhaps when you take Maddie to Portland, Kelly can go too and see his sister - it may well help both of them.

Prayers and in thoughts this Sunday to you all.

Karmyn R said...

yes - Kelly needs to go see his sister. When she is gone - there won't be any more chances. I'll keep her in my prayers.

elena jane said...

omg, i hope kelly gets to see his sister!!! i will pray for her!
busy saturdays are great, glad yours was fun. and you got to see some of their game. hope I is doing better....and your tooth too!!

dawn said...

I can so relate to the difficulties of juggling everything. I am so sorry for your health problems all around and I hope you find answers and get them cleared up. So sorry to hear about your SIL's prognosis. Stress on top of the busy life can run you down. The busyness of your life can also help you not stress about the issues you would stress about. Take care of you and your family. Thinking of you.

frannie said...

I understand about being busy--- I'm so behind on visiting blogs!!

that pic of Izzak-- it totally looks like he has a snake!