Friday, August 17, 2007

Got a drs appt today

Okay so today I feel worse and my throat feels very tight and sore. I don't think its related to the move I've had it other times when nothing else was going on with the same exact symptoms. Trust me if it was allergies I'd be good with that but this is downright painful! So anyway as the title says I have an appt to see my dr today. I suppose I could say I was just looking for an excuse to see him before I leave also but that really isn't it. Even though I do love our family dr and can't imagine how we are going to replace him. We've been seeing him for 12 years and he was my dr with the last 3 of my kids! Izzak doesn't even remember seeing a different dr then him. They have always compared every dr they see for other reasons to him and they never match up to the kids expectations since him.

On another note the trailer is filled and we just need to do some last minute cleanup in the old house. We are now staying at my parents house till monday and then at that point we will stay Monday at a friend of mines place in Washington a little closer to were we get on the ferry and we will leave from there to head to Alaska!

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Amy W said...

I hope you get some good drugs...and start feeling better soon!

ChrisB said...

Hope the doc has given you something to tackle the problem. At least you will have a little pampering from your mom not long until D-day . In case you don't get to do any more blogging. Safe Journey and Happy landings :)

Anonymous said...

Missed this one for some unknown reason - glad you are now sorted with meds.

It is only a few days and they will race over - and you will then be all on the ferry.


Emma in Canada said...

You don't even have to drive through BC?? Shame! If you aren't on again before you leave, I hope it all goes well. Be sure to pass on your new address!

Steffi said...

I hope you feeling better soon!Best wishes!