Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween (a little late)

Kenzie and Madisons costumes for this year. Don't know exactly what you want to call them but Kenzies was called a "Gothic Robe" she is really into skulls this year and has several shirts. a pair of shoes and shoelaces that have skulls on them as part of her wardrobe. My little girl is starting to be not so little anymore, at least not style wise. She is still tiny compared to her friends but she is definetly growing up into her own style. You can sort of see her red highlights in her hair in these pictures but I haven't been able to get them to show up like I want. They are temporary but she has been doing it for a couple of weeks now since her daddy won't let them be permanent. She also likes the darker makeup but not normally allowed to wear black lipstick.

Maddie is still very much into little girl stuff though so this is very much costume for her with the highlights and makeup. Maddie is catching up with her sister size wise, both wearing the same clothing sizes. Although she is much easier to shop for since she still is into the littler girl clothes. It's hard to find clothes in black and dark colors for little sized girls like Kenzie. Anyway Maddie wanted to be a vampire but no fangs since with the Twilight stuff she doesn't think real vampires have fangs :)

Anyway this year for Halloween we did the same thing we have been doing since we moved here and went to the Trick Or Truck at the school they used to go to when they were in school here. They got a lot of candy but the weather was pretty cold so most of the time they were in coats but wanted to get pictures without them. We also got lucky because the begining of the day was very raining and windy but the rain dried up just in time for trick or trunking and stayed like that till they were done, just pretty cold. We had rain mixed with snow in the morning though.

After they finished with the trick or Trunking they walked to my friends house down the street to go to the houses on the way. So they got plenty of candy!

Other things they've been doing alot lately is going skating at the rec center with friends. Picture to the left is Kenzie and her friend Wyatt. They get a lot of teasing about flirting. Which they both do although I think that they are both just the type who flirt naturally without even realizing it. They don't necessarily like us pointing it out but it's cute.