Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Family Camp

I know I've been even quieter this last week. The reason for that is we were away at Family Camp on the Naha River. Really it's a beautiful place! We had tons of fun and I took over 700 pictures! Of course people kept borrowing my camera as it was apparently designated as the camp camera. People really liked it.

The week started out rainy as we were leaving. Getting to Naha is a little complicated. You have to take a boat for about an hour and a half to get to the other side of the island as there are no roads leading to it. Then a 1/2 mile hike over what they call "the hump" which is a bit of the island that as you can guess is going a little up hill then back down again to get the river. When you get to the river you take a small skiff for about a 1/2 hour to the actual camp site. It rained the whole way there but when we got there the sun popped out and it was gorgeous the entire time.

Here are the kids on the boat ride over. They usually play card games in the galley area of the boat. I spent most of the boat ride on the deck outside. I love the smell of the ocean and being able to see everything as we are going.

We arrived earlier then the rest of the church with another family, my friend Johanna. Some work needed to be done around the place before the rest of the campers arrived and the kids were great at helping out.

Here are the girls behind the little trailer we were using to clear some brush.

Of course during some of the working the girls found some muskegg mud to play in and got covered in mud.

Joshua working. He actually was really good during the camping trip and worked hard.

My niece Aidan was up for 2 weeks while we came up as well so she came up with me Wednesday, her dad came up on Friday after he got off of work. She got her first experiences catching salmon and riding rapids on the Naha.

Here she is tubing with Madison.

A lovely expression from Maddie....

More tubing with Madison

Kenzie coming up to the mess hall. The girls all had their hair braided while we were their along with little braids on the side that I put a bell on the end of. We could here them all running together often with 4 little bells ringing. It was funny.

Kenzie and Clarissa sitting on the edge of one of the skiffs on the little dock at camp.

There were tons of dragonflies around catching the mosquitoes and such that were flying near the river. Kenzies friend Clarissa kept wanting one to land on her, although I think she was a little surprised when it landed on her face right over her eye! She wanted me to get a picture of it for her and was having a lot of fun showing people the pictures afterwards. Personally if it had been me I would have probably had a panic attack or something!!

Here is Madison relaxing in one of the innertubes.

My 8 year old niece Aidan, isn't she a cutie? She was awesome at camp and has been a lot of fun to have around but she has to fly back to Portland on Saturday.

I know certain people here will ask wether or not I jumped and went down the rapids myself and the answer is yes, I did. It was fun. I was actually in the water with the kids alot since it is a river and pretty high this year we had to be pretty close by. The kids always had life jackets on when anywhere near the water.

And of course Kelly working with the boys. They were moving wood and the boys hitched a ride on the back of the trailer to the woodshed.

I have tons more pictures to share and plan to show some more in the next couple of days so I will be back soon.

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kitten said...

Does look like yall had a great time! I'm so glad yall enjoyed!

Heather K said...

You must have had such a wonderful time!! Wasn't it kinda chilly? Being in the water here right now is not something I'd wanna do!!
great pictures~ thanks for sharing.

Kila said...

Enjoyed all the photos!

Beccy said...

Oh wow, that looks like great fun.

ChrisB said...

It looks like a lot of fun for everyone. That is a brilliant photo of the dragonfly

giants fan said...

nice to hear from you again... it's been awhile!

Maddie is getting so big!!!

Junebug said...

When you enlarge that photo of the dragonfly, it is quite awesome. Very good photo. The lace of the flies wings are gorgeous and the little girl is too. :D

Peter said...

"Away to go" - looks like you all had a great time - and the sunshine too - and outdoors - makes all the difference.

Always luv to see the photo's and seeing everyone so happy and togetherness of a family - is a wonderful camp atmosphere.

Now where is the photo of you in the rapids???

Wendy said...

WOW! That all looks heavenly! What a fun time!!

elena jane said...

looks like a fun time...omg @ the dragonfly on her face, she was calm then!! ;)