Friday, January 18, 2008

not much

Still having problems loading pics on blogger....very aggravating and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Not much exciting going on this week though.

I did have a conference with the program we are using for Izzaks home schooling. It is a little different how we are set up. In alaska they have a thing called IDEA which is designed so you can home school but get the state to pay for his books. I have a contact teacher who I can talk to with concerns and and a special ed teacher to discuss concerns more related to his disabilities. They also help set up any other special therapy he may get. Some people don't like this idea because it is like still letting the state have control over his education but really I don't feel that way at all, for me it's more like having someone to throw ideas off of who may know a little more then I do and with Izzak I feel that is very important I feel more like I'm not totally on my own here.

I do have to turn in samples of his work but mostly just to show he is using the material what I send isn't really important and twice a year I submit my report card for him. He still takes the state tests but that is what we were talking about in the conference today. The old school wouldn't do what was needed to help him with the tests the things suggested by his neurodevelopmental doc or even the school themselves. The spec ed teacher saw what they had which was different then what I signed and was shocked. So we went over it today and they added all the extra help I wanted and then some! They have to hire someone to come in for the testing just for him and they didn't have a problem with that at all. It's just feels so much better then before.

Other then that we have been busy just trying to move things into the house which is such a long process with all our stuff in so many places. Still sleeping on an air mattress as we haven't had the chance to get our own fabulous bed out of storage yet. I am anxious for it though since the air mattress causes me to fall over to basically sleeping on Kelly whenever he moves. Also I still don't have all of my dishes and that drives me nuts! I have everything we have at the moment put away though except clothes because the dressers are in storage also.

Kelly will be going to Juneau next week for some classes for work so hopefully Josh (his brother) and I can get some things out of storage with his truck during the day since he won't be using it.

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Peter said...

:shock: Me thinks a little too much information of your 'togetherness' with Kelly and the "air-bed" antics :shock:

Pleased you are receiving the support with Izzak's home schooling and in time this will show dividends for both of you.

How sad at not being able to add your photo's and I do think you should consider setting up on 'Wordpress' and I'm sure Sirdar will offer assistance - and should have no problems with photo's displayed.

Give it a try....

Enjoy the weekend and hope your rain turns to snow soon :)

Beccy said...

It sounds great how the home schooling programme is working out for you.

Hopefully you'll get everything unpacked this next week then you'll finally be settled.

ChrisB said...

The home schooling support you are getting sounds pretty good to me, glad its working out well for Izzak and you.

Hope all goes to plan with getting everything out of storage~ it really will feel like home once you have all your bits and pieces in place.

Steffi said...

I agree with Beccy and all others!
Have a nice weekend with your family!

Susie PSU said...

I'm glad the home schooling will work out well for you! And it will feel much more like home when you can put your clothes away and have your bed.

Anonymous said...

It is great you are getting all that support and it is working so well. Each family has different desires and needs for their home school and although some want less government intervention, you have to go with what works for you and your family. I hope you get a bunch of your stuff this week; it is nice to get things organized and put away.

I was going to suggest Wordpress, as Peter did, but figured you were aware of the option. Now that he brought it up, I do recommend it from my limited experience

Pamela said...

I would think having the partnership for home schooling would make it much easier.

hey -- get that bed out of storage

Anonymous said...

Now I am embarrassed. I commented here last night, and this morning woke up and decided to do a quick post because I have to post every day for 365 and I put the same title as you. I didn't even realize it until you came up on the RSS (I was at the other computer last night). I must have been channelling your title through the night.

Robinella said...

We've had some lively discussions on the homeschool boards about a program called K-12. I realize this isn't the same as yours, but since it is run by the school, the "purists" say the parents aren't really homeschooling. I say they should mind their own business!!!

Keep up the great work. I know your babies are thriving from it!

elena jane said...

glad the HS input is helpful at this point...i think it's all a learning curve (no matter where you are)...
hope you've gotten your stuff out of storage by now!!!