Sunday, August 06, 2006

Busy Saturday

Saturday 8/5/06
We had a busy day yesterday starting with my physical therapy. Then Izzak, McKenzie, Maddie and I (Joshua and Kelly are camping) went to my friend Hannah and her 18 month old Emily and 7 wk old Simon went shopping at the outlet mall after that the kids wanted to go swimming at her apartment pool. I sat on the side and held little Simon
but I definetly can't complain, he is definetly a little sweety.

After we were done swimming we had to run back home to change for my cousins wedding, well technically my cousins daughters wedding I used to babysit her when she was little and I was a teenager so that definetly makes me feel old. It was a beautiful wedding and of course I dressed the girls up and they were very cute of course

Pictures of the girls while eating their dinners at the wedding Kenzie is enjoying her fruit and Maddie seems very serious about her roll.

Of course any occasion with my dads side of the family wouldn't be complete without the party afterwards including the dance and people probably drinking a little to much we stayed for awhile and Maddie was getting into the dance part herself

Maddie dancing I thought she was awful cute!

Anyway it was a busy day for us and everyone came home very sleepy. Sunday we drop Izzak off to go to camp for 8 days, I will miss him, and I am hoping to take the girls for a little trip to the beach, we will see.
Everyone is doing pretty well right now though not really looking forward to school staring in a few week except maybe Madison who will be in Kindergarten and Kenzie who still really likes to go to school hopefully she will stay that way but she starts second grade this year and it will start getting harder for her since she is a little behind in her reading I will have to keep a really close eye on that though I don't want a repeat of everything that has gone on with Izzak and his learning. I will sign off now time to figure out if we can go to the beach!

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