Monday, June 05, 2006

Neighbors who needs um

So yesterday we were having a nice quiet day after the last two days where we went to rose festival festivities we saw fireworks on friday and a parade on saturday night. When I am home with the kids and my psycho neighbor comes to the door. "Are you missing a black and white kitty?" she askes. "I don't know, he is probably outside where he belongs I say". This goes into a whole thing about where she thinks I should keep my two kitties in the house and can't understand why I refuse to keep a litter box. Could it possibly be, I don't like cleaning litter boxes and my kids will never do it and there is no way in Hell Kelly will do agree to do it. Not to mention these kitties would drive me insane if they were couped up all the time in the house little Sammy is the black and white cat refered to above and I refer to him as my adhd cat because he has way to much energy and goes forever before crashing, he is small and always eating like Joshua my adhd child so I think they are a lot alike. Anyway she proceeds to tell me that he had walked in front of her house and had gone in the back yard she was worried he was going to get hurt by her 14yr neglected dog that cries all night long and is to arthritic to come out of his dog house unless eating or releiving himself. I tell her I am not going to keep him in the house all the other neighbors love him as he is a very sweet kitty and no one has even complained of him using the bathroom in the yards so why would I worry right. Anyway I tell her he is fine and leave him alone but I was on a long distance call and wanted to talk to my friend I tell her I need to go now. So anyway about 2 hrs later she comes back up to the house and starts getting into the same comment with us again now though Kelly is there but he drives me nuts. He is so nice to people like that and I am not.... Anyway she finally tells us this time she has had my cat locked up in a little cat box in her house since the afternoon before! I was so upset but kelly still wouldn't say anything. This lady locks my cat in her house for at least 24hrs which by the way she also has 7 cats and a small dog that live in the house with her along with the dog outside that she ignores. Izzak goes over to get sammy and before she hands him to him she sprays "kitty cologne" on him which basically smells like really bad mens cologne we bring him to the house but eventually have to let him out because he stinks so much. I head to the store and 45 mins later when I get back poor little McKenzies eyes are so puffy and red she can hardly see anything, so besides kidnapping my cat she affected my daughters health because obviously whatever was in the spray McKenzie is pretty allergic to and her poor little eyelids are still recovering and puffy this morning. So like I said I don't like neighbors I want to move away from other people. Is being a mountain man family really all that bad? Just kidding about that but seriously this lady already has been told several times about Kenzies health issues and asthma, etc. She could have ended up in the hospital if it had upset her lungs. I am trying to get kelly to say something to her as I am afraid of what I would say and don't really want to start some huge thing so we will see.