Monday, November 12, 2007

kenzie at 1! Surgery, stitches and the beach!

I'm going to have to post twice about Kenzie today to keep up with what I'm trying to do here. Posting for both Joshua and Kenzie at the same time is a lot of typing, especially when you throw a Fun Monday in the mix. Anyway......

Like here first post I have a ton of pictures of Kenzie to show for her 1 year post! I was just to hard to decide which ones to post! You needed to see her in all her cuteness but then there were some that show things that happened this year as well. First picture is her on her actual birthday in her little party dress. Oh yes my little girl HAD to have a party dress for her first birthday. The picture doesn't really do the dress justice it was very pretty and puffed out since she had a little underskirt thing to make it poof. She was my first girl I went all out with the girlyness.

The next day when we had her birthday party. Of course she couldn't wear that party dress and eat cake! Actually she didn't make this mess of herself. She was being so dainty with her personal cake that the men in our family felt it necessary to help her along and make her messy. She actually wasn't real happy about that. She was my clean girly.

For her first Christmas her Uncle Zac (my brother) bought her this huge Bear in the Big Blue House stuffed animal. It was huge!! Your only seeing half of it in this picture. She wasn't so sure about it at first but warmed up quickly and we could find her curled up with him playing or taking little naps.

Of course like I said she was a girly girl which means she was a huge fan of the phone!

Her favorite mean was a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. It's hard to see but she still has that smile I mentioned in the post about her below with the kind of sideways smile.

Why this picture? Have you ever heard of a baby being ready to potty train at 1? She was and she made it known. She went to the potty on her own at this age and wore panties at home most of the time. Of course how do you find little panties for a tiny 1 year old? These were tiny to begin with and still huge on her.

I had her picture taken on Valentines and this one of them I need to find the one with her in her cute little handmade dress with the tiny hearts on it. I did both Kenzie and Maddie in that dress both holding large candy hearts for Valentines.

She was never into pacifiers and didn't really suck her thumb but she was always having her pointer finger in in mouth. You would see it in some pictures from her baby pictures post and there are a couple in this post as well. We still find her occasionally with her finger in her mouth.

Remember her cousin Kayla? Well her parents had another baby 11 months after the girls and shortly after she was born I was taking care of them most days. We had our bassinett out for the little baby. Kenzie was always climbing into it herself and was so proud of herself when we would find her there.

Okay so I guess I need to explain about the title right? Well remember all the lessons we learned with Joshua about certain candies? The lessons kept comming with Kenzie. When she was aobut 17 months it was Izzaks birthday party and we had had people over and pop in cans for the adult guests (we've never let the kids drink very much pop) the next morning who should find the one can I didn't? I was busy getting the boys dressed when suddenly heard Kenzie cry. Just to say she was not much of a cryer at all. I ran to her and found she had cut her lip open on the can that was missed. She needed 3 stitches in her lip and we decided that we would not have cans of pop in our house and wouldn't let people have them in the house either. We knew what could happen with babies in the house and weren't going to let it happen again. Let me say though taking 1, 3 and 5 year olds all to the ER when one of them is bleeding everywhere by yourself? Not a fun thing. Before we left I tried calling my husband who was supposed to be at my parents house but no one answered so I left a written note on the door saying "took Kenzie to Prov ER" and thats it. Hmm if you want to get people to come to the hospital to help fast. Don't give a lot of info I had half the family there shortly after we got there! Which meant the boys could go with someone and Kelly could stay with us. They got her in real quick and she barely cried at all.

Look how quick her hair started growing when she was one! Anyway the point of this photo? Remember the ear infections that wouldn't go away in the baby post? They decided she needed to have tubes inserted in her ears to help with that. She had to have the surgery twice on her left ear because she got an infection after the first surgery. It actually caused a lot of damage to her left ear and she has a 40% hearing loss in that ear now. The hospital tried to give her a bottle after she woke up but she was a nursing baby and would have nothing to do with it. She just held it. She actually never really took bottles. She would hold them but she wouldn't drink, she did take sippy cups by 10 months though with juice or water. After the second surgery she did well and stopped having her ear infections. It was almost strange to us because we had gotten used to giving her antibiotics all the time that to not give them to her we almost felt like we were forgetting something.

Don't you love the curls though? She had a mess of curly hair everywhere!

Her first trip to the beach was this year. Her aunt and I took her and had a lot of fun. She doesn't look very happy in this picture but she was wanting to get in the water!
We let her in the water and she loved it. She had a bucket and kept pouring it down her diaper! It was really funny and I have about 50 pictures of her doing this.
She also loved the sand! She was really cute playing in the sand.

Another example of her with her finge rin her mouth. Here she is in her crib although she rarely ever was in it. We were co-sleepers with her she just slept better when she was with us. something else you may notice in this picture is her bracelet. You can see it in her picture in the little red wagon as well. This was her id bracelet with her name and a little heart on it. Like I said she was my girly girl she always had some kind of jewelry on she even had a ring she wore but I can't find a picture that you can see her wearing it.

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Anonymous said...

One can see why Kenzie is your "Little Princess" - she retains the 'finesse' befitting of a princess...

Such a delightful trip down memory lane for you to share with equally delightful photo's...

One thing that your Kenzie and I have in common, we both had stitches on our lips ......

Amy W said...

I am still stuck on potty trained at age one!!

frannie said...

I'm with Amy-- that is amazing!!!

Drama never took a bottle either-- he only drinks straight from the tap! :)

it is obvious that you were in love with having a girl!

Pamela said...

I couldn't help but think about how much water surrounds her now

Scribbit said...

Poor thing! That's a nasty thing to happen! And that curly hair is just adorable. No curls around here I'm afraid.

Emma in Canada said...

She sure was cute.

It's amazing that she was ready for potty training so early. I was force trained by 13 months and I like to tell my mother I am still suffering bacuse of it.

~ej said...

what a cutie-pie...and wow @ the no diapers so early...YAY! i am with you on the girly clothes, absolutely :-)