Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stupid Question

So I have a question. How is it that when I gave the report from our car accident last week about 6 different times I might add, including the 3 voice recorded times, how does the other persons insurance company come up after there "investigation" that Izzak is responsible for the accident? Hmm how is that? I do realize it goes as my fault. I didn't have any control over the cars in front of me who slammed on their brakes on the freeway causing me to brake and spin out trying not to hit them. But I know I am considered at fault and my report reflects that and that is what my insurance says. So when I received the letter from the other persons insurance today saying they have finished their investigation and have found Izzak to be at fault. What do I say to that? First of all obviously he wasn't driving but he wasn't even distracting me because he was asleep! I guess I have to make some calls tomorrow.... I really hate insurance companies. The funny thing is both insurance companies tried calling to get his statement more then once and acted as if I hadn't already told them earlier that he is an 11 year old child. Sorry he isn't giving a statement, besides he was ASLEEP. Of course until he heard me yell and the car violently spin. Also how do you get details of a crash from a child with memory issues. He couldn't remember it if he tried, well at least not well.

Oh well.

So other then that the first day of March has gone by without a hitch that is great right? we are starting on the right track anyway. Kenzie is doing great. She hasn't gained any of the weight (4lbs of her 54 lbs size) yet but she is eating and not vomiting or any of the other stuff anymore so I am happy. Also that means I can try the elimination diet again starting next week. So I will be back to trying to figure out for at least a week how to feed her foods with no dairy in them. Like I said before that is interesting since we eat a lot of cheese and other dairy around here. Oh and Kelly's head is feeling fine and you can barely see where he cut it since it is in his hair and it doesn't look like it will really leave a scar. You know what is funny though? When I told the boys about it and that he cut through his hat. They were more worried about which hat it was. Nice sons aren't they?
So should I email the other insurance company a picture of the accused? I could send this one. Doesn't he look guilty (yeah right). Or maybe I can go through my endless files of pictures and find a mor bad boy look. What do you think? Hmm Hmm. Tell me cause I need to know. I guess I should restrict his driving priveledges, haha. Yeah he only wishes he could drive. Oh geez that is a scary thought and he is only a few years away. Anyone is Alaska in 4 years stay off the road okay he might cause another accident. Apparently I am feeling a little sarcastic at the moment.....Seriously though if I don't do anything about it do you think it will have any affect on my car insurance premiums? yeah whatever...I really do hate insurance companies.

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Emma in Canada said...

That's really odd!

Beccy said...

I can't believe the Insurance compaines can blame a sleeping child.

A friend of mine was involved in an accident (her fault) and had to cancel a short break away to sort out the insurance company who was trying to blame the other driver, who wasn't even in the car at the time!

my4kids said...

Emma, I agree it is really odd.

Beccy, I can't beleive it either it's just strange especially since I mentioned several times he was 11 and sleeping? It appears I will be having to make some calls.

Debbie said...

How frustrating. It kind of sounds like they're grasping at straws. Hmmm - how could we make it her fault? Oh she had a kid in the car. Let's say it was his fault.

I really hope they don't get away with it. It makes me a little angry actually. Stupid insurance companies!!

Steffi said...

I agree with Debbie too.It´s really frustrating.

Steffi said...

I agree with Debbie too.It´s really frustrating.