Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Izzak age 1

In our family we get the birthday child their very own 8" round cake all to themselves on their first birthday. Does he look like he is enjoying it?
This was the only year we have ever had nice weather on Izzaks birthday. I got up to 90 degrees in April. Around here that is unheard of. It was okay though because we had 5 babies his age at the party and all those babies inside could have been really noisy.

Izzak still had his funny personality he only got funnier. Can you see by his smile that he really loved his first trip to the beach?

He ran right into the water. He was definetly his mommas little man. I spent my first 5 years on islands first Midway Island and Oahu Hawaii. Afterward I grew up in San Diego CA. So I love the water and was glad to see my little boy did to.
Also his first year he learned he liked to help Daddy work on the car. What better way to do it in a diaper though? Look at that grubby boy...

He looks happy though doesn't he?

By the time Izzak was 18 mos he also had a first and became a big brother. This was hard for me because Joshua came very early and I had never been away from my little all since he was born. I was on bed rest and then in the hospital taking care of Joshua so when I saw Izzak suddenly he seemed to huge.

Izzak was a really good big brother though. He loved having a brother to play with, well if only he would play.

We had even more signs when Izzak was one that he had problems. He did not learn any words this year at all. He really didn't say mamma or dadda well or consistantly and had no other words. I told family members I was worried but I kept getting the comment that boys are slower talkers then girls. Fortunatly I wasn't convinced and brought up my concerns to his Dr when he was 18 months old. He said that he takes mothers intuition very seriously because a mom is the one who knows her child best. This started our journey with Izzak. He was tested at the Hearing and Speech Institute for hearing and speach. His hearing was perfect. The speach evaluation was very different. He was delayed with no meaning full words. Izzak never did baby talk as a baby his only sounds were crying, laughing and certain grunting type noises. He was considered to be pretty delayed for his age and also scored low for his cognitive level. We started out with Speech therapy 2 times a week and then added a special preschool to his routine, he went 2 time a week. We saw a little improvement with communication and he was learning to use basic sign language by the time he was 2. That was his only communication other then grunting, laughing and crying though. We very rarely heard crying from him though he was a very happy little boy and extremely inquisitive. He was curious about everything. Including electrical equipment. He also was convinced that a sandwich belonged in the VCR!

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Beccy said...

Thankfully none of my children thought to put a sandwich in the VCR although lego found it's way in once.

Lovely post.

Portrait of Peter said...

The memories like that of the photo's are so wonderful to see.

It must be a joyful experience for you too, and to know that we all luv your postings in the run up to Izzak's birthday.

Thank you for sharing.

frannie said...

This is such a nice journey up to Izzak's birthday.

His pictures are so cute!

Anne said...

His early years sound so much like Brandon. I guess you are right. They are very much alike. The pictures are great.


Amy W said...

What great memories. I hope I can remember everything when my kids get older.

Steffi said...

Very cute pictures of Izaak!It´s a nice to see how he changed and grow to a big boy!

ChrisB said...

These are beautiful photos of Izaak and he has a winning smile.

Scribbit said...

How fun to have lived so tropically. My favorite place in the world is Maui.